Tarot Avatara Fate, Fortune and Frida. A 78 Card, Vivid, Hand-painted Tarot Deck by Gabi Angus-West 78 cards painted for Frida Kahlo   Back This Deck About the creator Gabi Angus-West Newcastle, AU A Frida loving, messy painter, sometime artist, sometimes wishful thinker, often tenacious, most times self-sabotaging, other timesRead More →

Today’s Tarot Card The World (card) returns basic trust and perception of world changes. The world is different now and we have to trust that everything has its place. “The wind blows for everyone.”  “Total integration of personality, acceptance of all its components, freedom from contradictions.  Understanding of one’s ownRead More →

I’m always on the lookout for books that can guide us on our spiritual path.  I’m not looking for a “system” so much as practical advice for everyday use.  Today I’m sharing my thoughts about the latest books in my collection. Spiritual Guidebook: Mastering Psychic Development and Healing Techniques byRead More →

The Devil Salome/Biblical The Tower Oya/Yoruba 15 The Devil: This is not a traditional “Devil Card” image but an image of Salome dancing the Dance of Seven Veils. Note the head of John the Baptist dripping blood as Salome dances.   16 The Tower: “This is Oya, goddess of death andRead More →

Spiritual Prep for the Holidays By Rev. Melinda Carver It’s almost here, the month long holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  The holiday season is very stressful for everyone with all of the cleaning, cooking, decorating, shopping and parties.  Everyone reacts differently to this mad rush of celebrating:  some peopleRead More →