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Angel by the Seashore – Auriel Grace 

By Melinda Carver

Angels work with us in our everyday lives, when we allow them to do so.  They may inspire us, heal us, guide us and provide messages specific to us.  Angelic Channel and Author Auriel Grace provides helpful advice on connecting with your angels.  She works with people every day to connect them to the angels. Raising your vibrations will assist you in connecting with your angels for your own inspiration.  Auriel shares her insights with Melinda in this new interview.  

  1.  Was there one particular event or moment in your life that affected you greatly and helped you to decide to become an author? 

I always had stories running through my head as a little girl. Whenever I could, I would write them out. I wrote my first novel in my twenties. It is an awesome story. Lucy Prophet, Evie Forest and their crew of humans and non-humans are my favorite stories to write right now. They are everything I have written and all my far-out ideas of the spiritual, paranormal!

  1. In Angels :  A Psychic’s Story, you share real life stories about connecting with angels.  What do you see and experience (colors/energies/etc) when you connect to the angels?  How does that energy affect you physically?

It is my privilege to channel the Archeia, the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels, they are such wondrous beings of light! When I ‘hear’ them, it sounds like a song. They sing the song of Light and Creation. The ‘song’ or message is translated so I can understand it.  Archeia Hope, Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel is my spokesperson, I receive messages from her all the time. Archeia Fath, Compliment to Arch Angel Michael is also very verbal, she is always advising me on practical issues. When I ‘see’ them, they mostly appear to me as rays of light.

Hope/ Gabriel – Pink

Faith/ Michael – Blue

Grace/ Uriel – Gold

Joy / Rapheal– Green

Serafina/ Azreal – Royal Purple

Ariel –  Green & Aqua Marine

The Archeia help me to stay centered, grounded and present. I always have a good day or have the ability to stay positive because of them, even on my most heart breaking days. They uplift me, love me and cherish me. For that I am grateful! 

 2.  Have you recognized a particular theme lately that is the center of the latest angel messages that you channel?

Their biggest message is to be present, keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! ‘Love and presence can heal all hurts, bring together a family, a community, a country. When you allow the energy of love into your life, you will not feel alone or lonely, you will be healed and feel the connection to your guides, angels and your Creator. You will see the blessing that is you.’ – Archeia Grace & Hope

3. You are a big believer in the power of meditation.  Why do you think daily meditation is so important to an intuitive? 

Everyone should be open to the miracle of prayer and meditation. First see what you are grateful for, gratitude helps you see where you are and opens you up to prayer and meditation.

Prayer is the question or the request. Meditation brings you the answers.  Prayer and Meditation helps me stay connected to the Creator, my guides and Angels. It assists me with being present, keeping my energy field clear, so I am clear with the answers I am giving my clients. 

4.  Do you find it difficult to switch from writing the non-fiction of your teaching books to your fictional Lucy Prophet – Psychic Girl series?  What are some of the challenges for writing spiritual fiction that you encountered?

I am not challenged with writing Lucy Prophet and A Psychic Story Series. Both Series say the same things! One is a fictional story of course, some people learn through reading fiction, others learn through nonfiction.

A Psychic’s Story Series is what I have learned in this life that works for me intuitively, it is what I teach in a more structured setting. It has the stories and lessons and even homework for those who are wanting intuitive tools for their tool bags. Many people who have heard my life’s story are surprised at every place I have lived and the adventures I have had! 

There are four books right now, Haunted, A Psychic’s Story is about some of the paranormal events I have experienced and instruction on how to deal with those types of hauntings. 

Angels A Psychic’s Story is about my experiences with the Archeia, who they are and how you can connect to your Angels & Spirit Guides.

I am Psychic, not Telepathic and Clarity with Purpose are based on Intuition classes I have taught. There are handy tips and ideas for you, to help you flex your intuitive muscles!

There are more A Psychic’s Story Books coming soon, right now I am writing Lucy Prophet, Psychic Girl, Evie Forest Nature Girl and the Deva Chronicles. These three series all cross over throughout the books full of adventure, nature spirits and beyond! 

5.  Which spiritual authors or speakers have inspired you in your own work?

Michael Beckwith – He is the MOST rockin man on the planet!

6.  You also have created a line of crystal and seashells jewelry (available on your website – please type What draws you to the ocean and it’s seashells?  

The Ocean represents freedom and brings me back to a place of peace in my soul. I have lived all over our great country and the places I have received the most peace are near the ocean. The ocean inspires and comforts me. 

I created Treasures from the Earth and Sea so others can experience that peace and serenity the ocean gives to me. All the seashells and coral in my jewelry are found on the beaches. I clean them up and create jewelry and pendulums from them.  I treat each piece I make like a sacred object. All pieces I make are programmed vibrationally for a purpose. For example, the rose quartz and pearl necklace I gave for you is programmed for Love. To bring love to you, friendships, romantic, family etc. That is its purpose. All the pieces have purpose. 

To view Auriel’s jewelry line, visit:  jewelry site here: 

To view Auriel’s pendulum line:    

7.  If you could go backward or forward in time, which major event or time period would you like to safely witness before coming back to this time and place?  Why?

Going backward in time, I want to see the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Saint Germaine helped to write that document through Thomas Jefferson. Seeing the debate of it and the signing of it just sends a happy thrill through me. I love Saint Germaine and Lady Portia and in this lifetime July 4th has always been my favorite holiday. Hearing the Declaration of Independence being read always inspires me to do better and help others find their freedom within themselves. 

Auriel Grace is an Angelic Channel, Psychic Medium, Author and Jewelry Designer.  To learn more about her, visit

Melinda Carver is a Psychic Medium, Motivational Speaker, Writer and award-winning Author of Get Positive Live Positive.  Visit her site:

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