Angel Inspiration Deck Review

Angel Inspiration Deck Review
By Kim Dreyer
US Games

The Angel Inspiration Cards are made up of four groups of cards:
8 Archangels
8 Spiritual Strengths
16 Action Cards
12 Traits

There are five parts to the description of each card
The card meaning
The Angel Ask
Tell Yourself

You can use this deck to draw one card for inspiration or two or more cards for more information
There are four illustrated card layouts to try in the back of the LWB
There is a detailed section of the lwb that tells you how to use this deck and what type of information you can gain from your angels. The concept of the deck is to help you form a trusting relationship with your angels. The card images are gentle yet modern so they will appeal to many who enjoy angelic decks. The lwb has just enough information to get you started on your angel inspiration journey. The deck comes with a fold out chart that is a wonderful addition to the cards, on this chart you will find angel correspondences to help you choose the best angel to call upon for help with a specific problem.
This deck is well done! I recommend it to all who love Kim’s art and anyone who wants to work with Angels.
Kim Dreyer has more information available on her website 
This deck is also available through Amazon:

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