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Are You an Indigo Child? The Good Tarot Might Be Perfect for YOU! Very gentle and soft for  New Age tarot readers.

Posted by Mary Nale @attunemagazine


The Good Tarot Cards
by Colette Baron-Reid

I got this deck on sale- who doesn’t love a sale?  And well…I didn’t know what to expect and…well…

The soft focus really works with the images of this deck…what else can I say in a descriptive way..other worldly , ethereal, dream like…okay… let me just say that this deck is not for those who love the heavily esoteric or magikal with a “k” type of image.  This is soft, dreamy, “gentle” enough for your kids…and your grandma too! Nothing “negative” here folks. Although I have an opinion about the heavily white washed tarot decks that Doreen Virtue spawned…I think this one has nice images.. Why? Well! It’s not a sugar rush of ugly angel images…yes, some of D.V.’s angel  images are ugly. Sorry…

Can you read with a deck that has no symbols?

There is one thing I noticed right away about these images.  There are NO symbols. I’m usually not able to read well with these types of tarot images.  To me, this is more of an oracle deck-and I only use oracle decks to get a sense or a “feel” of a situation.  If I didn’t know this was a tarot deck…you know…yes, it has 78 cards but I really am having a hard time connecting with this as a TAROT deck.  And there’s this personal thing that always kinda bugs me: I like the card names to stay the same-this goes for the court cards too.  I know this is a personal preference thing.

Yes or No for this deck?

So, do I love this deck? No. Not really.  Do I hate it? No not really. Can I read with this deck? Probably not.  BUT! If you love Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine styles you will like this deck.  I might use it for an oracle deck or I might use only the Major Arcana.

The Good Tarot:

Cups, Pentacles, Wands and Swords are portrayed by element in The Good Tarot:




Swords- Air

Court Cards In the Good Tarot: Page, Messenger, Queen, King

Changes to Major Arcana Names:







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