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#attunemagazine August 2017 Rewind

We continue to send our positive and Light filled thoughts to #Texas.


Augusts Feature Article: Attune Magazine Interview: Get Positive Live Positive with Melinda Carver #melindacarver #getpositivelivepositive






The Rana George Lenormand is AMAZING.  I haven’t read one single negative remark about this deck.  It’s lovely!  You should get it if you don’t already have it.  Really… See my review here: Review  

#ranageorge #ranageorgelenormand



The Star Tarot  by Cathy McClelland  is so FRESH!  Have a look at my thoughts in this deck.




Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators is my new favorite oracle…okay, one of my most favorites.  There is only one other deck that I know that has Activators and that’s Nefer Kephri’s Egyptian Lenormand. I love the idea of using a deck for altar work or manifesting or whatever you like to call it…setting intentions.  Get the whole story here: Review








I’m not a fan of The Shakespearean Tarot but, I know there are many who love it!  You can see my remarks here:  Remarks



Beautiful Creatures Tarot ( Second Edition ) Review   I got a lot of shit for my review of the first edition.  You can see my thoughts about this deck here: Review










We had a Road Trip! To the local metaphysical store where we encountered the amazing Eric C. Dunne’s Tarot Decks!  



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