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Review: Oracle of Mystical Moments

Oracle of Mystical Moments by Catrin Well-Stein Publisher: U.S. Games Systems  “Celebrating 50 Years of Inspiration” ISBN-10: 1572819200 Product Dimensions: 3.4 x 1.2 x 5.4 inches Visionary collage artist Catrin Welz-Stein intermixes unexpected elements of nature and imagination, creating a…

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Join #Dream Expert & Bestselling Author of #ActiveDreaming, #RobertMoss…. *Attune Magazine is not affiliated with Robert Moss or The Shift Network…simply sharing a really interesting event.  

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire Dick Allgire is the Vice President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, and is a skilled and talented remote viewer who has trained under Glenn Wheaton at the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild (HRVG) in Honolulu for…

Events Online: Free Workshop Information

One event and one video series that I’m attending/watching online…thought you might be interested.  Both are free. xx MaryNale Your Genes Don’t Cause Disease; Your Beliefs Do More Information: Click This

30 Day Flavored CBD Drops

30 Day Flavored CBD Drops *click any image to be taken to the website where you can order this product or other products that contain CBD oil. $49.99   Includes 1 Tincture in any Flavor Lowest strength tincture 0.5 –…

Farsight Remote Viewing April 2018

Here’s the latest Farsight Remote Viewing Video.
Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video):
1. Live Farsight Event in Atlanta at Apache Café on April 30 –  1:18
Link to Apache Cafe Farsight event…
2. Moses: Beyond Exodus Announcement –  3:26
3. Target Reveal with Daz Smith – 4:37
4. Cryptocurrency Project Announcement – 33:10
5. Rating Remote Viewing Accuracy – 35:01
6. Recap of February 2018 Results – 36:50
7. New April 2018 Predictions – 43:08

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BECOMING A KAIROMANCER An Excerpt from Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss Kairos is jump time, opportunity time, the special moment that you seize or miss. In Kairos moments, you may feel you have been released from linear time or that…

John Dee’s Empire of Angels

A video by: Regina Meredith John Dee’s Empire of Angels with Jason Louv, Author The 16th Century was fraught with the Inquisition, Plague and Witch Hunts, but it was also a time of great spiritual and scientific minds. John Dee,…

Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards

I saw a post on social media about this upcoming deck: Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards and you know…something about this really caught my eye!  I love that there are no borders.  If you like oracle cards and are drawn to…

Kipper Card Meanings on You Tube

James Himm Mitchell has many instructional videos on his You Tube Channel.  He also has a fantastic blog that you can check out here:   Here is the first Kipper Card Meaning Video-subscribe to his channel to get them…

The New Sirian Revelations

The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective by Patricia Cori   In July 1996, during an extraordinary out-of-body journey through the Milky Way and other galaxies, Patricia Cori was reconnected and attuned to a group of…

The Law of One Presentation @ Eclipse of Disclosure 2017

Talk given August 18th, 2017, in McCloud, CA, by Mike Waskosky, discussing the Law of One (Ra material).

Subjects include:
* The scope of disclosure
* Don Elkins’ journey
* Ra’s most important statement
* Ramana Maharshi’s self enquiry
* The role of close encounters
* The spiritual significance of mystery
* The meaning of the harvest/ascension and the biblical roots
* Choosing Love in every situation
* The significance of synchronicity
* Synchronicity associated with Don Quixote
* The Fool archetype
* Major Arcana (Tarot) associated with spirit development and faith
* Connections to Corey Goode and the Blue Avians


Law of One online:

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(My Original) Law of One Overview Presentation:

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Colorado Springs ET Disclosure group:

Activism flier passed out to attendees:

Alexis Brooks: Metaphysics and Disclosure

Is something not of this earth trying to push its way through? Has there been a rip in the fabric of our known universe and our so-called 3D world that has allowed another form of intelligence to influence the events…