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The UFO – Paranormal Connection   For many years I’ve felt these two topics are very connected and after listening to this short 15 minute talk hosted by Alexis Brooks of Higher Journeys.  Forget all of the conspiracy nonsense and think about this from a different perspective. Alexis Brooks continuesRead More →

What Is A Soul Group? by Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, What is a Soul Group? Did you ever meet someone and felt as though you knew that person for a long time, even thought this was the first time you ever met?  Did you ever have aRead More →

Consider supporting my channel here: One world, two species and #Tartarian DNA all point towards the real reasons behind why mainstream archaeology seems to ignore worldwide evidence of ancient artifacts and masonry they cannot and will not explain. This video charts the methods used to confuse, the evidence whichRead More →

Building Bridges/Spiritual Lessons What an interesting video! I hope you will take the time to listen to this…no matter how you feel about Trump. #metatron Amanda Ellis Angelic Celestial Colours My website is:      Read More →

#Doppelgangers A recent video from Talk is Cheap has me thinking of #doppelgangers… Most of us have heard this word and we know what it means. This is the first discussion I’ve watched on this topic so I wanted to share it with the #attunemagazine followers. dop·pel·gäng·er /ˈdäpəlˌɡaNGər/noun An apparitionRead More →

Indie Deck Review YES! There is a website that reviews Indie Decks! Saw this one FaceBook and just wanted to share with all of you. Go on…have a look! Indie Deck Review Here’s a screen shot of the front page…go on…go check this out.Read More →

Congratulations to Melinda Carver for another AWARD for Get Positive Live Positive: Clearing the Negativity from Your Life #getpositivelivepositive #melindacarver #bookawards #redfeather You can check out all of the winners and finalists here: 7th Annual Beverly Hills Book Awards® Winners & Finalists      Read More →

Oracle Card Advice for November 12-17 2018 Don’t Let Anyone Disturb Your Peace Today we’re using Your Sacred Wealth Code to address finances and Oracle of Mystical Moments to gauge the energy of the upcoming week.  For something different we will also pull a tarot card from The Borderless RiderRead More →