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Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set
By Lynn Araujo

U.S. Games Systems Inc.
ISBN-10: 1572818557
ISBN-13: 978-1572818552
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Review and Overview by Mary Nale for Attune Magazine. Deck supplied by U.S. Games
In Victorian England, and in other cultures, flowers were used to convey specific meanings and messages, especially in the coy rituals of courtship. Botanical Inspirations Deck & Book Set brings together the Secret Language of Flowers with the treasured artwork of Pierre-Joseph Redout. Each Botanical Inspirations card features a thoughtful quotation that alludes to the symbolism of the flower. The accompanying guidebook presents inspirational affirmations and narrative vignettes culled from history, mythology, lore and legend. From the demure violet to the noble magnolia, all flowers have stories to tell and lessons to share.
This gift set includes:
44 cards with quotations and flower meanings
100-page illustrated guidebook with messages of insight and inspiration
Fold-out guide to the Secret Language of Flowers
Drawstring organza pouch
Are you in love with the Victorian Era? If you love all things Victorian (as I do) you will just love this super pretty and very charming deck set. The box has a flip lid that is attached at the back so you will never lose your lid. The box itself is pretty with English, antique flowers adoring the front. The pale green dominates the drawstring bag, the card backs and the majority of the box. This is the same green that would be found in Victorian England. The foldout- The Secret Language of Flowers- sheet is very handy for quickly looking up your flower and its meaning.
In the included guidebook Lynn shares her love of vintage florals and gives us an idea of her collections.
There are 44 cards in the deck and each card has a picture of a flower on it. At the top of the card we see the common and Latin name. Below the image are keywords and a quotation to describe the symbolism of the flower. In the back of the guidebook Lynn shares how to read with the Botanical Inspiration Cards with two spreads illustrated.

I really like the Three Card Fleur De Lis Reading. Use this spread to bring needed insight to a personal issue you might be struggling with. The next spread is the Past, Present, Future Spread. For both of these spreads three cards are used and laid out in the shape of a Fleur Dis Lis. A Daily Card is another great way to get to know this deck. I’m sure there are many ways to use this beautiful deck and make it a part of your reading style.

I chose the Pansy in a random draw:
(This card always reminds me of my grandmother who crossed over a very long time ago.)

Viola tricolor
Sweet Thoughts
“Pray you love, remember. And there are pansies, that’s for thoughts.”
According to legend, pansies were originally white but were later colored purple by Cupid. Even with its velvety purple petals, the modest pansy does not demand attention; it simply asks to be kept in your thoughts. In fact, the name pansy comes from the French word pensees, which means “thoughts”. The pansy was a popular flower during the Elizabethan era, and is mentioned often by Shakespeare. It also held great appeal for the Victorians, who saw it as a symbol of tender attachment and sweet remembrances.
Inspirational Message:
You are what you think; your life stems from your thoughts. Negative thinking may occasionally enter your mind, but you need not let these thoughts take root. Remember, it is you who decides what fills your mind. Choose healthy, happy thoughts.

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