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A Special Guest Post by: Melinda Carver

After 5 months of semi-lockdown, we are at the point of boredom.  You have wracked your brains for activities for yourself or your kids to keep busy with.  Netflix, Youtube and video games only fill so many hours before your eyes become strained and weary.   You may be tired of looking at the four walls of your room or your yard.  

The tediousness of not being able to live the life you had before the pandemic has set in.  You may be at your wits end and searching for some relief.  Let’s look at ways to break your boredom with a Spiritual twist:

  1. Organize Your Books & Decks – You may have (what feels like to you!) a ton of books, Tarot and Oracle decks strewn around your home.  This is a good time to go through your books and decks.  Find your favorites and place them on one or two shelves.  Stack the others by subject or theme.  Pull out the ones that do not resonate with you and put them into a “donate” pile.  Check with your spiritual or witchy friends if they have any interest in participating in a book/deck swap with you.  You will feel of sense of great accomplishment when you are done!
  2. Tarot Card Games – In the 15th century, Italians developed a card game Tarocchini using their Tarot cards.  You can easily Google how to play various games.  Even if your partner, kids or friends do not read Tarot, you can still play Tarocchini
  3. New Age Board Games – If you have exhausted Sorry, Monopoly, Battleship and other general audience games, discover the wonderful world of spiritual board games!  Quintangled is a game of chance and strategy based on the Hero’s Journey.  Sacred Contract: The Journey is an interactive experience for guidance utilizing Archetypes.  The Tarot Game provides a fun way of providing readings to each other.   Check with your local metaphysical store to see if they have others.
  4. Create a Mandala – Everyone has seen photos of the Tibetan Monks and the gorgeous sand mandalas that they produce over a two-day time period.  You can also make a beautiful indoor or outdoor mandala.   For an outside one you will need a small card table, a piece of cardboard, birdseed, croutons and nuts.  Draw a mandala on the cardboard.  Begin filling in your design with various shades of color using the birdseed, croutons and nuts.  Take a photo because when you go back into your house, birds and squirrels will come to eat!  For an indoor one you will need a small table, piece of cardboard, crystals, dried or fresh flowers and herbs.  Draw your design on the cardboard. Begin filling in your design using various shades of color with crystals, flowers and herbs.  Leave up for a week to bless your home.
  5. Dry Your Herbs – If you have a garden with herbs, it is time to cut them for bundles or smudge sticks.  You may layer various herbs in bundles or wrap them into smudge sticks.  Cool in a dry dark room or basement for two weeks.  You may also tie the fresh bundles to your curtain rods for aromatherapy.  Dried bundles and sticks make a great addition to your bonfire or fireplace.
  6. Make New Age Cookies – Go to your favorite bakery supply store or order online to find moons, suns, ghosts, witch hats and other new age style cookie cutters.  Make your cookie dough and cut out shapes.  Decorate with frosting and sugar crystals.

These Spiritual activities will provide unique fun to break your boredom.  If you choose to set specific intentions while creating your mandala, drying your herbs or making that cookie batch, you add another layer of magic to your activities.  

Melinda Carver is a Psychic Medium and award-winning Author of Get Positive Live Positive. She is the President of the Church of Radiant Lights.

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