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For the Love of Borderless

The Mary El Tarot by Marie White: Second Edition

The second edition has a few changes but the most noticeable change is that the huge black borders are gone.  Most of us had already modified the first edition but found that there were some challenges in doing that. The second edition feels familiar yet fresh and new!  There are 4 new images in the Second Edition. (II The High Priestess, V The Hierophant, XX Judgment and the 3 of Swords.)

The Mary El Tarot is one of those decks with images that always stay with me, I’m a bit haunted by this deck and this is a good thing.  

You can read all about the changes on Marie White’s Blog:

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Card for Today:

9 of Wands “The Flame in The Hermit’s Lamp”

This card screams FIRE and ACTION to me. Bring your fire, your thunder and your lightning-in other words your passion! YOU are in charge of your destiny.

The Mary El Tarot


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