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Events Online: Free Workshop Information

One event and one video series that I’m attending/watching online…thought you might be interested.  Both are free. xx MaryNale Your Genes Don’t Cause Disease; Your Beliefs Do More Information: Click This

30 Day Flavored CBD Drops

30 Day Flavored CBD Drops *click any image to be taken to the website where you can order this product or other products that contain CBD oil. $49.99   Includes 1 Tincture in any Flavor Lowest strength tincture 0.5 –…

Farsight Remote Viewing April 2018

Here’s the latest Farsight Remote Viewing Video.
Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video):
1. Live Farsight Event in Atlanta at Apache Café on April 30 –  1:18
Link to Apache Cafe Farsight event…
2. Moses: Beyond Exodus Announcement –  3:26
3. Target Reveal with Daz Smith – 4:37
4. Cryptocurrency Project Announcement – 33:10
5. Rating Remote Viewing Accuracy – 35:01
6. Recap of February 2018 Results – 36:50
7. New April 2018 Predictions – 43:08

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BECOMING A KAIROMANCER An Excerpt from Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss Kairos is jump time, opportunity time, the special moment that you seize or miss. In Kairos moments, you may feel you have been released from linear time or that…

The New Sirian Revelations

The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective by Patricia Cori   In July 1996, during an extraordinary out-of-body journey through the Milky Way and other galaxies, Patricia Cori was reconnected and attuned to a group of…

This gem is from: Writing the Divine by Sara Wiseman, Published by Llewellyn.

“I’m having a problem with money. I would rather be focused on my work in this world, instead of worrying about bills. I manifest that I am free from worries about money and I ask for Divine help with this. For the Higher Good, No harm to all. Thank you.
Now watch for signs and symbols. Stop worrying about money.”

January is for MANIFESTING!

Not just manifesting but, finding your perfect way to manifest.  Have a listen to the most awesome Alexis Brooks on this topic.  The information she shares is all about how we can learn to tap into our own special way of manifesting.  


Conflicting Realities with Rachel Harris

Conflicting Realities with Rachel Harris…excerpted from a longer conversation with Rachel Harris and Jeffrey Mishlove titled “Grandmother Ayahuasca”.

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Listening to Ayahuasca: New Hope for Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Anxiety

Looking for Halloween Tarot Spreads and Decks?

By Mary Nale Don’t tell anyone…but, Halloween is not my favorite Holiday!  I enjoy watching others get excited about it but for me, it’s just okay…not special.  I thought about this and wanted to have a look around to see…

Cognitive Dissonance…What is IT?

Jordan Sather has put together a video discussing how we can identity Cognitive Dissonance in ourselves and others.  There’s hope for those who can only see their own truth…I think he did a great job explaining the importance of becoming aware…

Clear Hearers by John DeSouza

Clear Hearers  The Clear-Hearers is the story of an investigation. It is the true story of visitation and messages from an incredibly powerful source. It recounts the author’s lifelong investigation into the identity of the Great Voice and it depicts…

What is “Third Eye”

Third Eye #attunemagazine The third eye (also called the mind’s eye, or inner eye) is a mystical and esoteric concept of a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Also Called Pineal Gland In Theosophy it is related…

Send Your Article for Consideration…

Attune Magazine If you would like to submit an article to Attune Magazine for consideration: Spell check, proofread etc… Your bio that includes a link to where you can be found online. Make sure you have permission to use…