Chrysalis Tarot Book

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Review of the Chrysalis Tarot Book

by Toney Brooks  (Author), Holly Sierra (Author)

Published by U.S. Games

This illustrated companion book to Chrysalis Tarot explores the spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation that leads to higher consciousness. Part I examines the science and magic of the Otherworld that guides you on this journey. Part II expands on the interpretations of the 78 cards. In addition to Toney’s insightful descriptions, Holly shares the inspirations for her Chrysalis artwork and presents her original black and white sketches for each card. Foreword by Tali Goodwin.

Chrysalis Tarot was voted winner of Best New Deck of the Year (2014) by Tarot Professionals Worldwide, and of a COVR Award for Best Tarot Deck of the Year by the Coalition of Visionary Resources.


The layout of the 216 page book:


About the Cover Illustration

Forward by Tali Goodwin


Part One:

1- Elpi’s Cosmic Insights

2- Papa Legba’s Unseen Travels

3- Merlin’s Great Matter

4- Storyteller’s Vision Quest

5- Morgan’s Cauldron of Rebirth

Part Two:

Major Arcana Cards

Minor Arcana Cards

The Theory of the Troupe

The Troupe Cards


The Chrysalis Fairy Ring Spread




A Section About the Authors


The black and white images in the Chrysalis Tarot companion book are Holly’s original sketches of the cards. There is an explanation of the use of these images included in the Introduction.


The first part of this book was spellbinding for me, I literally could not put it down.  Mythic creatures came to life in the pages.  The workings of the Chrysalis Tarot have been beautifully explained in a wonderful language that speaks to the soul.  Part two of the book is a wonderful window into the meanings and symbolism used in the card images.  Although this tarot deck isn’t what I would call traditional, it is wonderfully done in a way that takes the reader in new directions and indeed opens new pathways to intuition.  I especially like the section on the Troupe Cards.  Mentors, Muses, Mystics and Messengers replace traditional Court Cards in the deck, the companion book provides insight into personality traits, role and animal familiars.


This is a well written companion book that will truly deepen your experience with the Chrysalis Tarot.  I recommend it to everyone who already owns the deck as it will add so much to your spiritual journey.



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