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Clearing Loneliness From Your Life

By Melinda Carver

Many people come to me because they are lonely and looking for love.  They ask when, where and how to find love.  Most of these people searching for intimacy with a partner all have one thing in common – they are stuck in behavioral patterns.  They only go to work and then straight home to their computer or streaming TV service. They do not interact with others outside of events or do not attend non-family events to meet other people.  

Every woman thinks that Fabio can find her house, and every man thinks that Pamela Anderson can find his house.  The one that you seek is not roaming your neighborhood to find you! They would not be able to since you do not have a big neon sign stating “I am single” flashing at your front door.   

You need to get out of your house and interact with others – whether it’s at a church, an outdoor sport or activity, a meet-up group, a class, a fundraiser or other people oriented event.  Explore your community for the many, many events that are available for you to participate in. Some of them may have a cost, while many of these community events are free.  Attend a free event like a neighborhood party, walk in a city park, take your dog to the dog park, or any of the free events at stores and malls in your area.

Don not use the excuse of “I’m too tired after work” or “No one will go with me”.  These statements block you and sabotage you in your search for what you seek.  Also stating that you only meet “losers” or “drunks” will only attract more of these types of people.

Put on a smile – it makes you more attractive – and introduce yourself to others!   Some people at these events will be shy, others will be outgoing. Take your time to mingle with those attending.  Be ready to say your name or have a fun story about what you do for a living. Be approachable.

Making small changes to your behavior patterns will help you to change your life in a positive way.  Move yourself forward to clear the loneliness from your life.

To learn more ways to clear negative patterns in your life, check out Melinda’s award-winning book Get Positive Live Positive.

Melinda Carver is a Psychic Medium, Motivational Speaker and award-winning Author of Get Positive Live Positive.  She has appeared nationally on TV, radio, expos, conferences, corporate events and stores.




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