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The positive and negative energies of Christmas.

I love the ideas presented in this video by Magenta Pixie-especially when she discusses how to handle those who are not yet “awake”.  What a lovely woman!  Please subscribe to her channel on YouTube.

First part of Magenta Pixie’s analysis of her recent transmission “Rainbow Portal, Silver Ray and the Two World Split (Winter Solstice 2017)”. You can view that video at…
The extreme polarisation of humanity, the shadow reality (that which is hidden shall be brought to light) and the distraction of ‘Christ-Mass’ (Yule/Winter Solstice time period). The positive and negative energies of Christmas.
Mentioned in this video: Heike Jenkins

This video will be part of a series (more to follow).

Presented by Magenta Pixie. Video compiled by Catzmagick.

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