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Oracle Card Advice for November 12-17 2018

Don’t Let Anyone Disturb Your Peace

Today we’re using Your Sacred Wealth Code to address finances and Oracle of Mystical Moments to gauge the energy of the upcoming week.  For something different we will also pull a tarot card from The Borderless Rider Waite deck for the “Advice” for the week.


Sacred Wealth Code: The Advocate: “I align with the greater good for all.”

Service to Others.  This is a great reminder that we can all help each other with no harm to ourselves.  Be the champion of your cause but remember that there are limits to what you can do. Find your balance. And yes, it is perfectly fine to charge for your services.  

Oracle of Mystical Moments predicts that the energy of the upcoming week: Miss Sunshine.

Sun, Light, Energy, Courage, Clarity.

The image of this card reminds me of waking from a dream or of deliberately focusing on the light instead of the dark. That sounds like a great energy to embrace for the week.  Focus on the positive instead of the doom and gloom. For more ideas about living a positive life check out Melinda Carver’s book:   Get Positive Live Positive: Clearing the

Negativity from Your Life

And now for our Advice from the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Borderless: Strength.

We are indeed living in a time where STRENGTH is needed.  We are bombarded by information every second of the day. What can the Strength card offer us as advice?  Peace and self acceptance come to mind in the context of advice for the upcoming week. Allow our higher self to guide us so we  become the master of those things that chip away at our peace of mind. “Taming the beast.” We don’t need to scream and yell or run naked through the streets-control starts within each of us.  This is how we change the world.

So there you have it in three cards.  You many see something different in the cards than I do and this is perfectly okay.  I see a week of remembering that each challenge we face can be mastered. We can set our intentions to the outcome we desire while we work towards our goals.  Remember to harm none as you send out your intentions and to always have gratitude for the things you already have.

Also of interest is the date 11-11 (Sunday).  Wow what a powerful manifestation energy! Set your intentions and aim high!  Let go of the negativity and allow yourself to create the outcome you desire.

Mary Nale @AttuneMagazine


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