Dreaming Way Tarot Five-Card Spread

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LWB’s are often tossed aside but The Dreaming Way Tarot has a nice spread located at the back of the LWB that I want to share.

This spread is used to help address issues that are blocking us and it helps us to see what gifts we already have to work with. I like the idea of a positive coming out of what could otherwise seem like a spread that only illustrates our challenges.

1. Present Gifts: What is presently your greatest source of joy?
2. The Past: What past pain is keeping you stuck in the victim mentality?
3. Change: What do you need to change in your life to fully realize the happiness you deserve?
4. Delusion: What message have you been telling yourself that you no longer believe? What excuses hold you back?
5. Dreams: What do you aspire to? Dare to dream big!
Dreaming Way Tarot
by Rome Choi (Author), Kwon Shina (Illustrator)
U.S. Games Systems Inc

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