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An interesting interview from Spiritual Warfare on You Tube

According to Edgar Cayce, we are multi-dimensional beings existing simultaneously in a multi-dimensional reality. Long ago, the human body evolved from primates. Our souls evolve along with the pattern of the stars. But before the universe was created, spirits have always existed in a higher spirit dimension as part of divinity. Cayce identified each level of human awareness as: consciousness (the mind), subconsciousness (the soul), and superconsciousness (the spirit).

Each level of our consciousness concurrently inhabits and operates in a separate dimension which in totality we refer to as “afterlife realms”. We normally don’t think of the universe as an “afterlife realm”; but according to Cayce, the three-dimensional universe is but one afterlife realm (the physical realm) out of many, although the other afterlife realms exist in dimension that are invisible to the eye. The idea of a universe composed of ten or eleven dimensions is also the current popular Theory of Everything in quantum physics according to String Theory.

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