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Review: Ethereal Visions: Illuminated Tarot Deck

by Matt Hughes

U.S. Games Systems

ISBN-10: 1572819251

Package Dimensions: 5.4 x 3.4 x 1.6 inches

Review by Mary Nale@ Attune Magazine


This is a deck you have to see in person to really appreciate the gold foil accents.   The colors are very soft in this deck. The LWB is black and white and text only, in it you will find upright and reversed card meanings as well as the astrological correspondence for the Major Arcana. The suits have the traditional names Cups, Wands, Swords, Pentacles.  There are two extra cards in this tarot deck. 22 The Well and 23 The Artist . I like that the images follow the Rider Waite tradition closely and the foil accents are definitely a great addition to the images.  If you like to trim borders this deck could present you with a challenge. I personally would not trim the Ethereal Visions Tarot because the background is white and seamlessly blends with the borders.  The card backs are reversible.

The Three of Swords in this deck portrays a highly detailed heart with three swords piercing the heart from above and below.  

From the LWB:

Upright: Pain, grief, deception, rejection.

Reversed: Forgiveness, recovery, clarity, introspection.  





One of my favorite card images is 10 The Wheel of Fortune

Astrological correspondence: Jupiter

The Wheel of fortune shows that the opportunity is abundant.  All things have a cycle, both good and bad.  One makes you appreciate the other and each can offer new options to the situations faced.

Upright: Luck, change, karma, destiny.

Reversed: Misfortune, chaos, bad luck, resistance.

I’ve not seen another Wheel of Fortune with a cloaked figure and for me it really adds to the mystery of the “outcome” with this card.



The Well and The Artist

  1. The Well

Astrological Correspondence: Gaia

The Well is the birthplace of ideas, inspiration, and transformation. All  things are birthed from this Creatrix and knowledge flows freely to those who seek it.


Upright: Nurturing, opportunity, nature, creativity.

Reversed:Destruction, endings, cold, stagnant.


  1. The Artist: Astrological Correspondence: Ophiuchus

The Artist is the vessel of creation. This card signifies mankind and shows when you need to open to the knowledge that is available if you stop and set aside the distractions of the human condition and listen.

Upright: Visionary, interpreter, creation, passionate

Reversed: Unstable, judgmental, restless, greedy.

If you love soft colors and Art Nouveau style this deck will be a lovely edition to your collection.  This deck offers soft colors and a very gentle vibe but the message of the cards shines through. The foil accents add a bit of luxury to the card images and provide some contrast with the almost washed out colors.  I recommend this deck to tarot readers of all skill level.

This deck was provided by U.S. Games Systems for review.


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