First Impressions…Tarot Apokalypsis

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Tarot Apokalypsis

Created by Kim Huggens, Erik C. Dunne
Tarot Deck – 79 Cards – Lo Scarabeo 2016

Tarot Apokalypsis is a multicultural deck of 79 cards combining photography, computer art and collage into incredibly vibrant and highly detailed tarot scenes. It’s from Erik Dunne and Kim Huggens, creators of the Tarot Illuminati.

This deck is also available as a kit: Tarot Apokalypsis Kit 

The book can also be purchased separately: Tarot Apokalypsis Book 

I’m a bit behind with ordering this deck but, I’m so glad I did!  Vibrant and amazingly detailed art is popping off these cards.  The shuffle is easy too!  The size is absolutely perfect for my hands.  I read some comments online about cards sticking together but, I did not experience that problem.  The extra card “The All Gifted” is a nice treat-not numbered and I’m sure it will prove interesting when shuffled in for a reading. The border on this deck is very minimal and it’s black so it isn’t distracting as much as the larger borders are… I won’t be trimming this one.  And the card backs are just beautiful! This deck is digital art at it’s finest!



My favorite card in this deck is The Hermit.  This is a wonderful vision and fits with my thinking very well.  










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