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Inspirations for Survivors: In Our Darkest Times…We Are Never Alone

What a lovely card for this week!  I was thinking about all of the chaos, the turmoil, the pain and the loss of human life when I reached for this deck.  We are the survivors.  The first card In “Our Darkest Times We Are Never Alone” will mean different things for different people. For some it will be Faith, for some it will be a Tribe of supportive people.  Whatever you have as your “go to” for times of unease and anxiety, this card is here to remind that there are others who will help you and there are always others who care about you.  The next card: “Be Out in Nature And Let Mother Earth Heal You”.  This is great advice!  Grounding in nature is one sure way to help with the unease of these times.  We can’t live in fear so ground yourself and breathe….

If you would like to know more about this deck you can see my review here:  Nale & Company

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Mary Nale

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