Journey to the Goddess Realm

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Journey to the Goddess Realm

By @Lisa Porter Published by @USGames
Now you can journey with the Goddesses
Ancient deities are available for help with all your daily decisions and challenges. Let them inspire you with their ancient wisdom.
* Strengthen your intuition
*Be guided toward enhanced conscious awareness
Journey to the Goddess Realm 39-card deck includes 36 Goddess cards, three Confirmation cards, and a 48-page booklet.
This pantheon of Goddesses depicted with vibrant artwork includes: Ishtar, Isis, Kali, Quan Yin, Rhiannon and others.
The booklet that comes with this deck begins with an introduction that explains about Goddesses and how they can assist us. The booklet describes each goddess card with their story, keywords and information about shadow. The booklet also explains how and why to use these cards. “The Journey to the Goddess Realm is an oracle of divination that works with energy fields just outside the third dimensional awareness. As with all oracles, the cards will reveal exactly where your conscious/subconscious energy field resonates the strongest.”
There are no images in the booklet but…there’s a lot of great information here. Lisa Porter suggests that you let whatever resonates with you personally to decide how many cards to use or what spread will work best. She also says that after using these cards you may experience opening of your Third Eye and increased intuition.

In addition to the Goddess Cards there are three Activation Cards in this deck.
3-Revelation/Non- Duality

I love the fresh images of this deck and they “feel” good to me. This deck will appeal to anyone wishing to increase intuition and to get in touch with goddess energies. I love it! It’s bright, cheerful and has a happy feeling when I hold it. The deck goes beyond a simple oracle deck and can be a great tool for your spiritual journey.

US Games:
Lisa Porter is a self-taught artist and illustrator. She was raised in the central wheat belt area of Western Australia, in the small farming town of Northampton. She has drawn and painted all through her life, employing a diversity of methods and techniques. Her creative explorations have also led her into many philosophical and spiritual areas.

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