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Animal Guidance for July, 2017

This month a card was drawn from the Ancient Animal Wisdom deck by Stacy James and Jada Fire.  Published by U.S. Games

This deck is available from our affiliate Amazon: Ancient Animal Wisdom Deck

Black Rhino Card #2

“Survival of Self”

The Black Rhino, nearing extinction, is being poached because of the supposed magical and healing qualities of its horns.  Mostly a solitary animal, the Black Rhino is a guide for perseverance and determination.  There is much significance with the Black Rhino’s thick skin.  This could be a signal for you to not be bothered by what others may say about you and the unique path that you walk.  Keep your head to the ground and fear not the magic of your horns!  Use them as needed.  Protect what you have created and have a good look at what drives you to survive.  What aspect of yourself will you leave behind for future generations to follow?  Forge forward for what you believe in and as always, move through life with integrity.

The numerology of this card: #2 Intuition, Feminine Divine, Sensitivity

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