LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot: a Review

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LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot: a Review

By Joe Lee
Published by U.S. Games
Vintage circus poster style images with vibrant color.
78 cards and 60-page booklet, with upright and reversed meanings
Available through our affiliate link at Amazon: LeGrande Circus & Sideshow Tarot http://amzn.to/1PHgANc
Bonus: LeGrande Circus Card Spread by Jody Boginski and Lynn Araujo available through U.S. Games
The booklet is black and white and fits inside the card box.
The cards are reversible
This is my first circus themed tarot deck and I wasn’t sure what to expect…it’s wonderful! I love the nostalgic feeling that these cards bring with them. The major arcana cards, court cards and aces are labeled on the front. The pips are not labeled but are easy to identify so there’s no confusion about what card you’re looking at in a spread.
Small name changes in the Major Arcana and other interesting details of the cards.
Card two has been named Poppess, Card five is the Pope-these changes are natural and will not confuse a new tarot reader.
The suite of Wands refers to the tent side polls, stakes and the sledge hammers.
The suite of Coins refers to “the front end” in the entertainment industry.
The suite of Swords refers to the “sideshow”.
The suites of Cups are the “fantasy world” of the circus.
All of these little details add up to make a very interesting set of images that are pleasing to the eye. All of the card images are clear and uncluttered-not over busy.
The downloadable tarot spread is a wonderful touch. I’ve printed this out on plain white paper and tucked it right into the box of cards.
This is a themed deck done right.
About Joe Lee
Joe Lee has been clowning around since his early days in rural Indiana. In college he juggled art studies with a degree in medieval history. Joe furthered his education at the Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Clown College. He then worked as a professional circus clown with Ringling Brothers and other shows. After leaving the circus life, Joe moved to New York City where he studied and later taught art classes. Joe had occasional gigs as a fire eater.
Joe returned to Indiana where he currently lives and works as an illustrator. He illustrated and wrote a number of books including The History of Clowns for Beginners. He is a regular contributor of editorial cartoons to the Bloomington Herald-Times. Joe has been teaching cartoon art and illustration for over nine years.
Joe’s life-long interest in the circus prompted him to create the LeGrand Circus Tarot deck. His vibrant artwork begins with black and white ink drawings, which he then colors with colored pencils, markers, and watercolors. The 78 cards showcase Joe’s talent as a cartoonist and are reminiscent of mid-century circus posters.

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