Lenormand Card Meanings:

These card meanings are from The Essential Lenormand by Rana George.  I urge all who have an interest in Lenormand to purchase this book. Also included are some of my own notes and definitions. 

For more information about this book go to Amazon or to http://ranageorge.com/ 

1 Rider News, visitor, delivery, feedback 

This is something that is happening right now, instead of later.

2 Clover Hope, luck, chance, opportunity
3 Ship Travel, transfer, journey, distance

Expanding our horizons.

4 House Residence, family, entourage, real estate

Family stability when paired with the anchor.

5 Tree Health, growth, solid, spirituality

The tree begins as a tiny seed.

6 Clouds Hesitation, doubt, indecision, trouble

Phases of life when things are unclear.

7 Snake Betrayal, jealousy, lies, problems

Are you being deceived?

8 Coffin End, sickness, loss, death

This could be a relationship that is “dead”.

9 Bouquet Satisfaction, gift, joy, beauty

Attractive person.

10 Scythe Rupture, decisive, surgery, danger

Cutting to the chase-cutting through the lies.

11 Whip Arguments, physical, chronic, sex, adulation


12 Birds Communications, a couple, negotiations, meetings


13 Child Young, small, new, innocent

Immature. Could be an apprentice.

14 Fox Manipulation, cunning, employment, work


15 Bear Power, finance, food, strength

Manager or boss.

16 Stars Success, hope, new path, guidance

Maybe a wish is coming true.

17 Stork Change, improvement, a move, pregnancy

Tall, slim people.

18 Dog Loyal, guidance, protection, friendly

What you see is what you get.

19 Tower Institution, corporation, isolation, ambition

A powerful person.

20 Garden Networking, congregation, gathering, party

A place to meet.

21 Mountains Obstacles, enemy, delays, blockages

Spiritual work being done.


22 Crossroads Choice, double, alternate, options


23 Mice Stress, theft, loss, deterioration

A pest.

24 Heart Passion, love, desire, generosity

Charitable deeds or self-sacrifice.

25 Ring Commitment, contracts, marriage, promise

An ace-this can be a new beginning.

26 Book Secrets, studies, knowledge, projects

A smart person.

27 Letter Documents, tests, results, mail

Email, or actual mail.

28 Man The querent, the significator
29 Woman The querent, the significator
30 Lilies Maturity, tranquility, wisdom, satisfaction


31 Sun Triumph, optimism, energy, stamina

Growth and prosperity.

32 Moon Creativity, seduction, honor, emotions

Following instincts.

33 Key Openings, solution, answers, importance

Doors are unlocked and mysteries are solved.

34 Fish Abundance, shopping, independence, consulting

Business people.

35 Anchor Stability, achievement, fortitude, persistence
36 Cross Pain, grief, burden, sacrifice

Anguish and suffering.  Religion.