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A Look at the White Witch Tarot by Maja D’Aoust


Publisher: Red Feather

by Maja D’Aoust




“Use the transformative and healing power of the white witch as White Witch Maja D’Aoust explores the 22 Major Arcana archetypes of the Tarot through meditative art and channeled mysteries in this stunning black and gold deck and companion guide. Use this deck as a traditional Tarot Majors-only system or delve into a technique using protagonists and antagonists pitted against each other until they reach unification, much like Shakespearean therapy where we explore problems via another lens. Learn to visualize and build your own reality by discovering answers to your deepest questions, bringing to light powerful truths and seeing the radiance of the self through a poetic treatment of the Majors. Created through decades of research into Alchemy and different divination modalities, this deck offers a fresh new perspective on using the cards to unveil what has been hidden.”


All golden and black, a major’s only tarot deck.  The edges are gilt and the art is different than most tarot decks-interesting indeed but, I don’t think this deck is for the average tarot reader.  I’m going to be honest, the cards are almost totally stuck together in the deck I received from the publisher. I’ve been able to get about four or five of them apart.  The black color shows all fingerprints and smudges and this just drives me mad.  The deck set is in a nice magnetic lidded box and comes with a little guidebook.  I am not a fan of black pages with white text so I find it very hard to read.  (Each of us will have our own impression about contrast and design of the cards.)  If you collect decks this will be a lovely addition to your  collection since there is nothing like this out there.  I do believe the vision of the artist is something to be honored and respected with these cards.  “A deck to play out psychodramas.”  There is one illustrated spread in the booklet-three cards: The Protagonist, the Antagonist and the Unifier.  There are no numbers on the cards. 

I’ve scanned two of the cards I could pull apart and I will place some of the information from the book.


Key word: Recalibration



















Key word: Metempsychosis

A definition

Seals the fate

Conclusions only

Close the gate

Events that cross

Before your eyes

Have passed away

I cried

For all the people

Who had dies

And saw a giant writhing form

That eats itself

So there you have a little bit about the White Witch Tarot deck from Red Feather.

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I’m including two YouTube reviews of this deck because in all fairness, there are many that this deck will resonate with and I like to be fair about all things review related.


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