A Manual for Developing Humans

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A Manual for Developing Humans
by P.M.H. Atwater (Author)

Rainbow Ridge

One of my favorite authors!

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This book has the most interesting and well thought out answers to so many of life’s questions.  


Especially helpful to me is the section on Physical Body dealing with Changing Weight.

Here are a few of P.H.s thoughts:


Listen and pay attention to your body-mind. The deeper wisdom within you knows your best body weight. Avoid scales and measurements. Trust your body’s knowledge.


Bless your body just as it it. Caress it without shame or regret or guilt.  View yourself in a full- length mirror.  Appreciate yourself.


Vow never again to punish your body, mind, emotions, or soul with diets, denials, damnation, criticism, or doubt.  Know that you need not follow others.  You are okay as you are. Respect yourself.


Promise yourself that you will eat whatever you REALLY want to eat, whenever you REALLY want to eat it.  And that the food you eat will be nutritious, healthy and tasty.


I enjoyed the section: The Issue of Messiah’s

There’s a handy list of eleven stories that are similar to the story of Jesus.


This is a book that will hopefully help you to understand the importance of thinking for yourself.  A sort of common sense approach to our complicated lives.  I enjoyed this book and I know you will too.  This wise woman’s books are a joy to read!

If you are interested in more books from P.M.H. Atwater please see her Amazon Page

P. M. H. Atwater


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