Mapping the Hero’s Journey with Tarot by Arwen Lynch

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Mapping the Hero’s Journey with Tarot by Arwen Lynch


If you hop on over to Tarot by Arwen you can check out her new book:

Mapping the Hero’s Journey: 33 Days To Finish Your Book

This looks like a great tool for all of the writers out there!


Any one can start a book. Finishing it is the goal. Like most goals, it can seem impossible to reach. Especially if you want to deliver a quality product that people will recommend to their friends. All published authors will tell you one thing—there is no one way to the finish line other than sitting down and writing. Arwen Lynch, published in fiction and non-fiction, knows how daunting it can be. She will show you how you can use a pack of cards to get your story line arced and sparked!


She has been in your shoes with great ideas bouncing around her head but never quite living up to their potential when fingers hit keyboard. When she applied her knowledge of Tarot to the craft of writing, things took off. Her characters stopped talking and started doing. Every plot point could be mapped out using the Tarot, but not in the metaphysical sense. This book takes you through mapping your hero’s journey in a down-to-earth way. There’s no need for crystal balls and neon signs here.



The Hero’s Journey is a tried-and-true method of building your story. Every memorable tale can be filtered through this method. From Star Wars to Shrek to the 3 Little Pigs, the steps are the same. This book guides you from the Ordinary World to the Return effortlessly. Because the goal here is to activate your voice and to use your imagination, there is no need to memorize anything. The Tarot is your tool because you are your own boss. Let this book give you a secret weapon disguised as 78 cards.


– No Memorization Necessary

– Your Interpretations Are The Key

– Easy-to-follow Instructions

– Tailor Your Voice



You want to get to “the end” efficiently and effectively. With so many rules, it can be hard to navigate the waters of writing. This book puts control in your hand. Rather than tell you how to write, you will be shown. By turning the esoteric art of Tarot reading into a practical tool, you can finish that book.


– Learn How Mapping The Hero’s Journey Works

– Use Tarot In A Completely New Way

– Finish Your Book



You don’t have to be a punster or a plotter to use Tarot for your writing. Let this workbook take you point-by-point through creating your story’s arc. Vision boards can be created. Outlines defeated. You can even build a killer synopsis with this method. Because you aren’t using Tarot for prediction, your own creative voice comes out loud and clear.”


Available in many formats-here’s a quick link to Amazon:

Mapping the Hero’s Journey: 33 Days To Finish Your Book


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