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Mystical Priestess of Australia:  An Interview with Alana Fairchild (Part 1)

By Melinda Carver

Featuring a brand new interview with international bestselling Author, Priestess, Channel and Musician Alana Fairchild – including information on her new project, a new oracle deck and a new world tour – announced by Alana!

With her written works, guided meditations and exercises, and with her musical creations, Alana Fairchild leads us into a magical and powerful world of the Sacred Feminine – the Goddess.  Whether your connection to the Goddess is through the face of Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Tara or Isis, Alana assists you to see the face of the Goddess and to connect to Her in your everyday life.  Mystical women from all around the globe are reading Alana’s books, listening to her music and utilizing her oracle decks on their spiritual path.  

Who is this magical woman that leads us on a sacred dance toward the Goddess?  Why is Alana driven to inspire you to a connection to the Sacred Feminine? As Alana channels the Divine Feminine’s voice, we women walk together with her on our journey through spiritual growth, empowerment, self-discovery, and sisterhood.   

I met Alana Fairchild at the International New Age Trade Show last year where both of us appeared to teach attendees.  We spoke together of the sacred sites we have visited across the globe and how they inspired us in our spiritual work and our own personal path.  Join me now to receive a glimpse behind the veil of this inspirational and mystical woman – Alana Fairchild as we discuss sacred sites, channeling the Goddess, Soul needs, sisterhood, and her upcoming new endeavors.

Alana Fairchild channels the Voice of the Soul – divine energy of love, wisdom, and power.

When we met last year, we shared stories of places around the world that we have found that are sacred to the Goddess.   Do you still become excited on your travels to discover new sacred spaces that are dedicated to the Goddess? Does it make you feel like you’re an excited little girl?  

Absolutely!  What I love about it is that I often don’t know until I’m there and then something happens and then a story unfolds.  It wasn’t’ that long ago that I went to Israel for the first time and there was this whole synchronicity on how that happened.  I wanted to go and dance in the desert, which I did and it was amazing. I also visited the old city of Jerusalem and I found my way into the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and it’s meant to be the tomb of Christ.  So I went looking for this connection to Christ Consciousness and then I felt it. I have always found a profound connection to the planet of Venus, and to the feminine energy of the highest spiritual frequencies of that place.  Then I later found out that, that exact spot is actually built on an abandoned temple to Venus, and I just, that just led me to this whole new project.  

WOW! Yeah, so I just love those little surprises!   The Feminine is you know, she’s there and she makes her presence known when we are ready to feel her.  

When you step up onto that space that used to be a temple for  Venus, did you feel excited like a little girl again or were you feeling excited as an adult woman who has had many experiences living and traveling across the country?  Or is it a blend of the two?

 I can never separate them.  I really do feel within my heart.  It’s a strange thing. On one level, I have the same sense of my journey but in the essence of who I am, I feel exactly the same as I have always felt.  I do kind of feel like a big kid at heart, and I don’t think I’ll ever lose that. I realize that I am 44 now and still feel as playful if not more so than when I was as a child.  So when I have these experiences, it’s just totally in the heart. It just drags at the essence – it is kind of timeless in a way.  

In this timelessness that you feel at these sacred sites, does that help to rejuvenate your energy, especially after you complete a huge new project – like one of your deck or your new workshops? Does it rejuvenate you to be standing there in that energy?

Absolutely, I don’t believe it’s an exaggeration to say that they are life changing moments.  I kind of see them as blessings from Gaia – the guru Goddess Mother that is watching over our path on Earth.  I feel these empowerments that come through that will replenish me, they will give me inspiration and blessings for new projects.  I was recently in the Himalayas leading a retreat there. I had a beautiful experience that the Sacred Feminine at this sacred lake and it was amazing.  It really gave me the blessing to do a new project – it’s very special – called the Kuan Yin TransmissionI had a whole story moving up to that.  So yes it is also invigorating and it is also replenishing.  It’s also the bestowal of blessing for future projects. It’s really very special.  

Special spiritually and not just as a living, breathing human?  Do you ever want to stay in that moment? How do you make yourself leave these sacred spaces?  

I think that’s a really important question.  I know sometimes when people are deep in meditation, they have that sense of not wanting to come out.  I used to feel a real struggle with that when I was going through a challenging time in my life some years ago.  It was kind of a prolonged initiation that went for about nine years. The times when you’re in that bliss, if there’s a great conflict in your life, you know, and that’s a relief.   It can be hard to leave it. But these days I appreciate the highs of those blessings, but I try to integrate them into my daily life so that I never feel like it’s, I have to be on a retreat to experience them.   I just feel like their meals and then I am nourished by that meal for a period of time and I integrate it and digest it and kind of take the spiritual nourishment it and do what I need to do with it.

When you’re at home or if you’re in a hotel when you’re traveling, how do you know when the Goddesses or the Divine Feminine are willing to speak to you or they want to speak to you?  Do they send you a quick message saying, “Hey Alana, pick up the phone.”? How do they connect to you? 

There is always a baseline sense of spirit and the manifestation of the sacred feminine being with me.  So I always feel her to some degree, but there are times when stronger feelings happen or sometimes it will come through a vision.   If I’m in a deeply relaxed state in meditation, in Yoga, it can come. Or just even if I’m relaxed and just driving and I have a still kind of mind, then something might pop in. Sometimes it’s an emotional experience.  And I could only compare it to like you’re sitting in a room and then all of a sudden there’s this wafting in of the most beautiful perfume. And, and you just kind of inhale it and think, oh my goodness, that’s beautiful.   And then before you know it, you’re sort of thinking, oh, what’s this? And then the story kind of unfolds.

So sometimes she does appear like that. I had a connection with the goddess Isis recently when I was reflecting on some challenges.  One of my most precious teachers had just died. I was sitting in that kind of heartbreak of loving him, being grateful that he’d been on the planet, amazed that he was continuing this journey and feeling his spirit after he left his body.  But also just recognizing the loss for my human self, that it wouldn’t be the same. And he wasn’t on the planet anymore and just out of it. I didn’t even call on her, but all of a sudden this beautiful ecstatic weakness in my heart just began to kind of crack open from within.  And I just, I knew without any doubt or hesitation it was Isis. And I just thought, oh, it’s her essence, just stayed with me for days. I was just in this blissful state and I realized she was reminding me the sacred Feminine is here for us in whatever heartbreak, especially Isis.  She’s just so powerful, and to stay tuned into her. So I do feel that she’s very close to all of us. She is within us.

Alana Fairchild is the bestselling Author of books, meditation CDs and oracle decks including the Kuan Yin Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle, Isis Oracle, Journey of Love Oracle, Lightworker Oracle, and the Love Your Inner Goddess book, and the Crystal Masters 333 book.  She teaches around the world at sacred sites, expos, conferences, and stores. Visit her site for information on her published works, music and upcoming events at 

Melinda Carver is the award-winning Author of Get Positive Live Positive and appears in 13 titles of the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series.  She teaches nationally at expos, conferences, corporate events and stores.


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