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Mystical Priestess of Australia:  An Interview with Alana Fairchild (Part 2)

By Melinda Carver

Featuring Part 2 of a brand new interview with international bestselling Author, Priestess, Channel and Musician Alana Fairchild – including information on her new project, a new oracle deck and a new world tour – announced by Alana!


Who is this magical woman that leads us on a sacred dance toward the Goddess?  Why is Alana driven to inspire you to a connection to the Sacred Feminine? As Alana channels the Divine Feminine’s voice, we women walk together with her on our journey through spiritual growth, empowerment, self-discovery, and sisterhood.   


I met Alana Fairchild at the International New Age Trade Show last year where both of us appeared to teach attendees.  We spoke together of the sacred sites we have visited across the globe and how they inspired us in our spiritual work and our own personal path.  Join me now to receive a glimpse behind the veil of this inspirational and mystical woman – Alana Fairchild as we discuss sacred sites, channeling the Goddess, Soul needs, sisterhood and her upcoming new endeavors.

Alana Fairchild channels the Voice of the Soul – divine energy of love, wisdom, and power.

How long did it take you to determine if you were talking to the presence of Kuan Yin versus Isis?  How did you discern which Goddess was showing you her face?

It really took me quite some time.  Originally, it was like hearing a beautiful symphony and then the more I became used to hearing that symphony and my ears kind of adjusted to it, I began to be able to detect like the different instruments.  You might still be hearing the whole symphony, but you can kind of sense the violin or you can sense the cello or the piano that comes through. And eventually, it did take me years really. It happened at different times and it was never me sort of saying, “Hey, I want to know who you are”.   It was always, they just sort of introduce themselves – these facets of the divine at different times. I feel there’s a kind of wisdom behind when we connect with different energies, you might start with Mother Mary, you may move to Kali or the other way around it. And it seems to coincide with exactly what we need at the time for our soul journey.

What do you feel personally or physically when you do step into the Divine Mother’s full powerful energy?

Oh, it’s quite wonderful!  I struggle to find the words for it.  It definitely feels it hits on every level.  So there’s a visceral response, a physical response of a change in the energy flow in the body. There’s an emotional response that comes with it.  It’s almost always a softening and melting in the heart. And then depending on whom it is, if it’s a really powerful animating force like Kali or Durga that are coming through, then usually I need to move.   Sometimes if I’m teaching and it’s happening, I have to get up and I’ve got to go and move around and kind of put my hands on people. It’s like you’re bursting out of your skin with it. And at other times it can be incredibly grounding and still and peaceful and you just need to be in that stillness and just surrender, melt into it and it just emanates in a field around you. That’s kind of more what I feel usually with Kuan Yin.   But I never apply strict rules because I find everything spiritual is a real wildcard and it never really bends and fits to our expectations or even when our past experiences have been. I’ve learned to trust her and to be open and I just allow her to do whatever she wants, really through me as best as I can.

You mentioned the energy physically changes within you or sometimes you go still.  Do you see colors or her face flashing  within your eye or do you physically see her manifest in front of you?

It really varies.  I’ve had experiences where I have seen visions of her and she can be in color, she can be far away, she can look like she’s on the inner planes.  I’ve also seen her manifested and I’ve also seen her stand literally right next to me as though she’s another person in the room. That’s been quite startling. But then there have been other manifestations of her that people around me feel in their own body and their own experiences of her that can really vary.  I remember one girl telling me (she worked with me for years) we were doing a workshop together and she opened her eyes during a meditation. She said she started to feel this really strange energy, like beautiful but unusual and powerful. I was singing Kuan Yin Mantras at the time and I had my eyes closed. She said my eyes were rolling back in my head (I was just in this kind of non-mind state of connection) and my arms are waving around.   My hair’s already crazy, but she said it was flying about and that she didn’t see me.

I do feel like it comes through my body.  Kuan Yin, especially Mother Mary, is one that tends to do that, but it’s gentler.   I was singing at an event that someone else was facilitating. I was just a guest and I came in to sing some mantras.  One girl saw a column of Golden Energy and Mother Mary manifested in the middle of it for her. And Mother Mary is always so powerful for her that she had to, find out who I was with the facilitator the next day and ask her to pass on that message to me.  So it’s interesting. I think it happens according to our capacity and sometimes we can compare experiences. I really encourage people to just be happy when other people have experiences. But don’t think that if you’re not having the same thing that the Divine Mothers connection to you is any less because it’s really not. It’s just some of us are more skewed in that way.  We just want it a bit easier to have those experiences. But the connection for all of us is just as loving and just as significant.

You teach,  when you do your Isis and Kuan Yin workshops, how to connect to and see the Goddess.  Do you feel that women particularly are being drawn back to that Divine Feminine to feel something that their Soul needs now?

Yeah, I really do.  I think the thing with the feminine psychology and Spiritual Path, and it doesn’t mean that men can’t experience this as well in their own way, but there’s something about female biology that’s quite powerful in terms of receptivity and honesty and authenticity of emotional experience.   I think women just really have these fundamental, grounded needs to create and to birth. That may be a child, it may not. It might be a consciousness. You know, I’m very passionate about this and I think the desire that we have to birth when someone is on a woman’s journey and she’s also in connection with her heart, she’s going to want to birth something from love.  So we kind of think about all the possible things we could be – raising a child or building a business or feeling inspired and wanting to write or create or whatever it is.

The power for the heart and the connection from the heart to the birthing energy really comes through the Sacred Feminine.   I think we instinctively know this, even if we don’t have the language for it. We kind of gravitate towards the sources of the feminine, especially the Sacred Feminine, that nourish and empower the different facets of the feminine psyche.  Because when we look at the media or sometimes art, there’s not always a great abundance of positive, affirming, really healing imagery. Especially in the mass media, the feminine tends to be objectified and it’s not good as it’s been like that for a very long time.   When we’re talking about the Sacred Feminine, and I think one of the reasons that these oracle decks reached so many people and resonate with so many women in particular, is because the imagery is something that’s very sanctified and very honoring. It is not idealizing and whitewashing and making it all Pollyannaish.   It’s showing the depth and the diversity – there can be sacred rage, there can be healing bliss and peacefulness and everything in between and everything else. I think women really kind of relate to that sense of multiplicity and a need for empowerment, creatively and personally.

Your teachings bridge the gap of worldwide Goddesses. You have oracle decks on Kuan Yin, Mother Mary, Isis, Kali, and Tara to share and show that connection of the face of the Mother.  When women pull on this divine energy, do you feel they’re entering a season of sisterhood with each other across the globe due to that reconnection of the spirit?

Yes, definitely.  I think one of the reasons that I am so inspired and connected to multicultural emanations of the Goddess is that it does tap into the unity consciousness that’s in the depths.  It’s like this subterranean vein of grace and wisdom that’s available for all of us. And there’s something around this freedom, the end exposure to different ideas and cultures, because of technology really, that we have access to in this lifetime that’s quite new on our planet.  Of course, there are downsides to that, but I think if we can find the plus side to it and find a way to sort of open our minds and our hearts. Tuning in and find these deeper connections beyond the boundaries of blood or culture or religion or socio-economic status or upbringing and just tap into the human soul’s connection, the power through that unity and that sisterhood of the soul.

It’s so important.  It really does have so much power.  It has the capacity to birth. If we’re all plugging into that heart essence of the Divine Feminine, that Goddess energy, then what it is that’s burst through is coming from a deeper place of wisdom – because that’s the hallmark of the feminine.  Really – this wisdom and this compassion. And when we’re birthing from that place, what comes through is what is needed. We don’t even have to know what that is or how it’s going to work or try and figure it out. We just need to tune into that heart essence and allow ourselves to be moved into the birthing of our own soul presence.   In the same way, if you birthing a child, you don’t go, okay, you’re going to come out at 12:15 and here’s the pattern and we’re going to have a contraction here. You have to kind of surrender and allow the sort of embodied intelligence of their birthing process to guide you. It’s the same with this. So that that sisterhood, that feminine, that birthing power.  It can be real changing in such a healing way and such an intelligent way.

You have never wavered from your goal to teach self-empowerment and self-actualization to students and readers of your books, CDs and decks. Where do you draw your inspiration from to continue in this line of work? Because sometimes it’s hard to be a lightworker!  Where do you draw that inspiration from to continue on year after year?

It is hard at times and I think my heart has never wavered.  I’ve always felt that passion and that desire. But my mind has definitely wavered at times when I was really, not these days, but in the past.  I went through periods of time of just having to do the hard work and there was no evidence that anything was going to come of it. That was sort of a period which I’ve written about in a few of my books, about nine years ago, the dark night of the soul.   I was just sort of thinking, oh my goodness, this is never going to end. Am I crazy to keep investing all this hope and optimism and energy into something that everyone around me was going “Why don’t you get a real job? It’s been a long time and nothing’s happened yet.” And I just thought, oh my goodness, is this sacred stubbornness that I have or am I just being ridiculous?

Those were times when my mind really did wonder if I should let it all go. And the thing that stopped me from ever doing that is, that my mind would think about it and go, “maybe we should let it go.”  And then of course after we think something, we run it by our heart and my mind would go, “what do you think Heart? “ And my heart would just go, “okay, you’re going to break me if you will go away from this. If you’d give this up, you absolutely break me beyond repair.” And I thought, well, there you go. The heart ultimately is the queen and gets to decide.  So that’s the first thing. The second thing about where I draw inspiration, it really is given in abundance from spirit and I think it is available for all of us. I think the real trick is to find, and certainly this is how I work with that, is to find the ways to become receptive. So imagine it’s like a television signal, but obviously like just a billion times better.   It’s just beaming out. You need a receiving dish for it and then you need a plug to connect it to your TV. it doesn’t matter if you’re standing and all of that stuff is beaming at you, if you don’t have the dish and you don’t have the plug, and you don’t have the TV. It doesn’t matter. You’re not going to receive it. So it’s an imperfect metaphor. But basically what I’m saying is you’ve got to have the structure set up to receive them, and it’s not that I am magically more inspired or have some access to some special spiritual, well of amazingness that no one else does. Not at all. It’s the same essence that’s available and can thrive within anyone and everyone. Did you set up the apparatus? 

So the way that I do that is multilevel. It’s a lifestyle.  20 years ago, I decided that if I was going to do this work seriously, I didn’t want to do anything else.  It was hard to make that transition because I thought what if I didn’t have a regular paying job and regular paycheck coming in?  The new age metaphysical industry is an unpredictable field. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to support myself financially if I work doing readings, which is how I started at full time.  But I just thought, look, I can’t do this half and half for me, I couldn’t because I realized if I was going to do this, I needed to be meditating every day. I needed to be doing yoga, putting time into taking care of my physical health.  Because being a lightworker, it’s quite demanding physically and emotionally. If you don’t sort of take care of your body and keep an eye on eliminating toxins (I’m not a fanatic about it at all. I’m really not!) I’m not going to give up chocolate. Like it’s does it, this is not going to happen  , I tried to do the best that I can to look after these different facets that I’d been given of mind, body, and emotion so that when the inspiration really is like a wave and it’s flowing, I’m ready for it.   

Sometimes that means switching off and resting.   Spirit has told me at different times (because I’m so gung-ho, get really enthusiastic and I go) “Ah, don’t take 25 projects.”   And Spirit often says to me” you need to rest before you do the next thing. “I’m like, all right” and I try to listen. You know, I’m not very good at taking orders, but I try it.  The timing is always perfect though. And if I pay attention and I just step up, I do more Yin Yoga, I do deeper meditation. I don’t push myself quite so hard mentally to research things. I just rest and chill and usually, that’s when a great deal of clarity comes. And then I get all excited and I’m off in another creative whirlwind doing the next thing fairly soon afterward!


Alana Fairchild is the bestselling Author of books, meditation CDs and oracle decks including the Kuan Yin Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle, Isis Oracle, Journey of Love Oracle, Lightworker Oracle, and the Love Your Inner Goddess book, and the Crystal Masters 333 book.  She teaches around the world at sacred sites, expos, conferences, and stores. Visit her site for information on her published works, music and upcoming events at 

Melinda Carver is the award-winning Author of Get Positive Live Positive and appears in 13 titles of the Holistic Highway to Wisdom DVD Series.  She teaches nationally at expos, conferences, corporate events and stores.


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