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Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators

Looking for something different?  This might be your new must have deck.  Futuristic, Cosmic, Angelic, Magical…yes!  This deck has all of that.  And there are illustrated spreads in the companion booklet that will get you started right away.  The artwork is very New Age and will appeal to a wide variety of people.  I love the colors and the illustrations are easy to understand.


Main Card Categories:

The Angels

The Elementals

The Galactic Family


Each card is connected to and resonates with a particular Color Ray.

Inside the box:

On the inside of the box – on the underside of the lid-is a symbol that cleanses your cards each time you place them in the box and close the lid (or open the lid).  This is BRILLIANT! After your initial cleansing of your deck (when you first open the box) you can rely on the symbol to keep your deck clean of unwanted energies.

The Magical Dimensions Deck can be used for regular oracle card readings of as Activators. The companion book gives clear instructions about how to use your deck this way.

Have a look at my short video of the flip through. (No talking, just a quick look)


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