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No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side

Review of Barry Eaton’s New Book No Goodbyes
Publisher: Tarcher
Delve deeper into the mysteries of the spirit realm and life between lives—and discover how they can and do influence our current lives on earth.
Barry Eaton, author of Tarcher’s Afterlife, is back with more fascinating insights into life after death. In No Goodbyes, Barry reveals information about destiny and free will, world unrest, the effects of negativity and addiction, dealing with skeptics, soul energy guidance, consulting mediums and psychics, soul growth, and other facets of the bigger picture. This book offers new information from advanced spirits in the afterlife who believe that the time has come to let people know the answers to mysteries that have puzzled them for generations.
How many of us have questions about what it’s like on the other side? Mediums are sought after by people who just want to be sure a loved one is okay, or happy or even more importantly, are they at peace. I’ve read quite a few books that discuss this topic but none have been as thought provoking as No Goodbyes. Barry Eaton’s first book Afterlife is taken to new levels in this second book and even if you haven’t read the first book you will be able to enjoy this one.
There are five parts to No Goodbyes – 55 chapters for a total of 303 pages. I especially loved the flow of this book that deals with complex topics in an easy to relate style. Some of my favorite parts deal with mental health in the afterlife, suicide and the idea that there are discussion groups sharing ideas on the other side. I was intrigued by the mediumship skills and by the straight forward answers given by the guides. It didn’t take me long to realize that Barry Eaton thought about what he wanted to ask in his sessions and how well organized a session with a Medium can be.
I recommend this book to all who have an interest in what really happens when we die and the processes we go through on the other side. This book also talks of Soul Groups, Karma and Reincarnation – and will give you much to think about for a long time.
If you are interested in reading an excerpt from No Goodbyes you can find that here on Barry Eaton’s Web Page
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