The Maybe Lenormand: Remarks by Ryan Edward (Author, Illustrator) U.S. Games Systems Inc. Maybe Lenormand honors the Lenormand tradition with stylized illustrations that convey the core meaning at the heart of each card. Expanding the 36-card Petit Lenormand, designer Ryan Edward has created 16 additional cards to complete aRead More →

Review of The Egyptian Lenormand By Artist Nefer Khepri Author/Artist Schiffer Publishing, Ltd ISBN-10: 0764347764 ISBN-13: 978-076434776 The Dedication in the guidebook sent tears streaming down my cheeks…powerful and full of so much love. This touched me, as I know it will touch all who read it. BlessRead More →

Discover Your Purpose: How to Use the 5 Life Purpose Profiles to Unlock Your Hidden Potential and Live the Life You Were Meant to Live Author: Energy medicine Expert Rhys Thomas 363 Pages Using the Rhys Method® Life Purpose Profile System This system of self-discovery encompasses five distinct soul-based profiles.Read More →

No Goodbyes: Life-Changing Insights from the Other Side Review of Barry Eaton’s New Book No Goodbyes Publisher: Tarcher Delve deeper into the mysteries of the spirit realm and life between lives—and discover how they can and do influence our current lives on earth. Barry Eaton, author of Tarcher’s Afterlife, isRead More →

The Winged Enchantment Oracle Deck Review “Mesmerizing shape-shifter artwork” By Lesley Morrison (Author), Lisa Hunt (Illustrator) Inspired by the majesty and mythos of birds great and small, The Winged Enchantment Oracle invites us to spread our wings as we venture on our own soul journeys. Mesmerizing shape-shifter artwork beckons usRead More →

Journey to the Goddess Realm By @Lisa Porter Published by @USGames Now you can journey with the Goddesses Amazon Ancient deities are available for help with all your daily decisions and challenges. Let them inspire you with their ancient wisdom. * Strengthen your intuition *Be guided toward enhanced conscious awarenessRead More →

Bonefire Tarot By Gabi Angus-West Schiffer This is a boxed set: 78 cards and companion book. “Take an exciting trip through an extravaganza of 78 vivid and expertly hand-painted Tarot cards inspired by the vintage, old-school tattoo flash of Sailor Jerry Collins. Influenced by Rider-Waite, this deck and guidebook areRead More →

The Herbal Healing Deck Remarks by Mary Nale #AttuneMagazine By Sarah Baldwin (Author), Ashley Verkamp (Illustrator) Product Details Paperback: 144 pages Publisher: Schiffer; 1 edition ISBN-10: 076435213X ISBN-13: 978-0764352133 Get in touch with the power of nature and its abundant remedies. This earthy, mystical deck of 48 oracleRead More →