Here’s the latest Farsight Remote Viewing Video. Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video): 1. Live Farsight Event in Atlanta at Apache Café on April 30 –  1:18 Link to Apache Cafe Farsight event… 2. Moses: Beyond Exodus Announcement –  3:26 3. Target Reveal with Daz SmithRead More →

BECOMING A KAIROMANCER An Excerpt from Sidewalk Oracles by Robert Moss Kairos is jump time, opportunity time, the special moment that you seize or miss. In Kairos moments, you may feel you have been released from linear time or that powers from outside time have irrupted into your world. TheRead More →

A video by: Regina Meredith John Dee’s Empire of Angels with Jason Louv, Author The 16th Century was fraught with the Inquisition, Plague and Witch Hunts, but it was also a time of great spiritual and scientific minds. John Dee, along with Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon and other great thinkersRead More →

I saw a post on social media about this upcoming deck: Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards and you know…something about this really caught my eye!  I love that there are no borders.  If you like oracle cards and are drawn to Shamanic Styles you may want to check this deck out. Read More →

James Himm Mitchell has many instructional videos on his You Tube Channel.  He also has a fantastic blog that you can check out here:   Here is the first Kipper Card Meaning Video-subscribe to his channel to get them all. In this series he’s using Fin de SiècleRead More →

An interesting interview from Spiritual Warfare on You Tube According to Edgar Cayce, we are multi-dimensional beings existing simultaneously in a multi-dimensional reality. Long ago, the human body evolved from primates. Our souls evolve along with the pattern of the stars. But before the universe was created, spirits have alwaysRead More →

Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. Join author and teacher John Van Auken as he presents a fascinating visual presentation of these beings that live just beyond our physical world: Angels, Fairies, and the “Unseen Forces” of life. He gives special attention to insights found in sacred text, Edgar Cayce’s amazing discourses, andRead More →

The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective by Patricia Cori   In July 1996, during an extraordinary out-of-body journey through the Milky Way and other galaxies, Patricia Cori was reconnected and attuned to a group of interdimensional light beings that she and her many readers cameRead More →

Talk given August 18th, 2017, in McCloud, CA, by Mike Waskosky, discussing the Law of One (Ra material). Subjects include: * The scope of disclosure * Don Elkins’ journey * Ra’s most important statement * Ramana Maharshi’s self enquiry * The role of close encounters * The spiritual significance ofRead More →

Is something not of this earth trying to push its way through? Has there been a rip in the fabric of our known universe and our so-called 3D world that has allowed another form of intelligence to influence the events and anomalies that many are witnessing these days? Talk ofRead More →

This gem is from: Writing the Divine by Sara Wiseman, Published by Llewellyn. “I’m having a problem with money. I would rather be focused on my work in this world, instead of worrying about bills. I manifest that I am free from worries about money and I ask for DivineRead More →

A Look at the White Witch Tarot by Maja D’Aoust   Publisher: Red Feather by Maja D’Aoust   Description:   “Use the transformative and healing power of the white witch as White Witch Maja D’Aoust explores the 22 Major Arcana archetypes of the Tarot through meditative art and channeled mysteriesRead More →

Not just manifesting but, finding your perfect way to manifest.  Have a listen to the most awesome Alexis Brooks on this topic.  The information she shares is all about how we can learn to tap into our own special way of manifesting.    Read More →