Remote Viewer Dick Allgire

Remote Viewer Dick Allgire Dick Allgire is the Vice President of the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild, and is a skilled and talented remote viewer who has trained under Glenn Wheaton at the Hawaii Remote Viewers Guild (HRVG) in Honolulu for…

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Farsight Remote Viewing April 2018

Here’s the latest Farsight Remote Viewing Video.
Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video):
1. Live Farsight Event in Atlanta at Apache Café on April 30 –  1:18
Link to Apache Cafe Farsight event…
2. Moses: Beyond Exodus Announcement –  3:26
3. Target Reveal with Daz Smith – 4:37
4. Cryptocurrency Project Announcement – 33:10
5. Rating Remote Viewing Accuracy – 35:01
6. Recap of February 2018 Results – 36:50
7. New April 2018 Predictions – 43:08

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