The New Sirian Revelations

The New Sirian Revelations: Galactic Prophecies for the Ascending Human Collective by Patricia Cori   In July 1996, during an extraordinary out-of-body journey through the Milky Way and other galaxies, Patricia Cori was reconnected and attuned to a group of…

The Law of One Presentation @ Eclipse of Disclosure 2017

Talk given August 18th, 2017, in McCloud, CA, by Mike Waskosky, discussing the Law of One (Ra material).

Subjects include:
* The scope of disclosure
* Don Elkins’ journey
* Ra’s most important statement
* Ramana Maharshi’s self enquiry
* The role of close encounters
* The spiritual significance of mystery
* The meaning of the harvest/ascension and the biblical roots
* Choosing Love in every situation
* The significance of synchronicity
* Synchronicity associated with Don Quixote
* The Fool archetype
* Major Arcana (Tarot) associated with spirit development and faith
* Connections to Corey Goode and the Blue Avians


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This gem is from: Writing the Divine by Sara Wiseman, Published by Llewellyn.

“I’m having a problem with money. I would rather be focused on my work in this world, instead of worrying about bills. I manifest that I am free from worries about money and I ask for Divine help with this. For the Higher Good, No harm to all. Thank you.
Now watch for signs and symbols. Stop worrying about money.”


Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks on Disclosure
Published on Jan 10, 2018