Quick Look: Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators

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Quick Look at Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators 

Publisher: Red Feather
ISBN-10: 0764353454

“Awaken your intuition and receive guidance and wisdom from the Angelic, Elemental and Faerie, and Galactic realms. As you connect with high-frequency dimensions of light, sacred color, and radiance from these 44 highly accurate and magically infused activation and oracle cards, they will expand with energies unlike any other deck you’ve experienced. Interacting with these cards will help strengthen your intuition and psychic senses, cultivate clarity, and inspire self-empowerment. Seven vibrant Chakra cards are included as a tangible, intuitive-strengthening tool intended for self-transformation, self-illumination, and self-healing. The companion guidebook provides full interpretations for each card so you can swiftly begin working with the energies of the deck. Learn how to read the cards by using five unique oracle and three powerful activator spreads for healthy relationships, healing, and money manifesting. Use these enchanting cards for personal intuitive guidance, client readings, energetic activation, or as affirmation cards. Includes card deck and guidebook.”

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