Beautiful Creatures Tarot ( Second Edition ) Review

Beautiful Creatures Tarot ( Second Edition )

by J.R. Rivera (Author), Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Illustrator)

Red Feather; 2 edition

In this revised and updated version of Beautiful Creatures Tarot, visit a mystical and exotic world where all your questions, big or small, complex or simple, are answered with the utmost love, honestly, and clarity. Enjoy 80 beautiful and now gilded Tarot cards (including 2 extra Wild cards and 4 brand-new images) depicting mythical and legendary creatures as they guide you to a place where all problems are left far behind, and faith and positive energy in life are restored. Interspersed new commentary and a new astrological game to play with the cards enhances the attraction to the child-like creatures that are playful, serious, and friendly, and who will aid you in discovering the answers you have been seeking. Connect to diverse messages in the now full-color companion guide that includes six new spreads. Don’t shy away from these beautiful creatures; come into their world and lose yourself within their authenticity.

Beautiful Creatures Tarot

I still want to love this deck!  I was so disappointed with the first edition because the Court Cards didn’t have Court Card names-the Astrological names were used.  Yes, of course many loved this idea but, I feel it’s confusing for the new tarot reader.  Also there is a lack of symbols in each of the cards. There are many “schools” of tarot reading and if you are okay with a deck of beautiful art without the traditional symbols you will probably love the deck.  I like symbols but, overall, the second edition makes me much happier because it has actual Court Cards.   I know that the author of the book and the illustrator worked very hard on this deck and should be proud of it’s fame.  Perhaps it all comes down to personal preference with this one-if you are a tarot purist you should know there is a lack of symbols in this deck.  If you love novelty decks with great companion books this deck is for you!  And! This one has the most shimmery purple edges-that alone gets extra points from me!  I’ve read tons of reviews of this deck (first edition) and it IS a well received deck-no doubt about it’s popularity.  Maybe I’m getting old and cranky?  Who knows.  I like it and I love to look at it but I can’t read with this deck.

This review by Mary Nale


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