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Dying to Be Free:
From Enforced Secrecy To Near Death To True Transformation
by Hannah Robinson

Review by Mary Nale for #AttuneMagazine

I think I was expecting more NDE and less life story with this book but aside from this, it is a eye opening look at a life of secrecy and the consequences of an unhealthy father – daughter relationship. Some of us experience a wake up call so loud and clear that we have no choice but to change the path we’re walking. I’m always grateful for brave souls like Hannah who can share their story and give us all hope for healing. The NDE part of the story is important also because it took Hannah so long to find her peace with what happened to her. I don’t think every NDE is exactly the same and Hannah’s story highlights this.

I recommend this book to anyone who has struggled with healing from unhealthy relationships. Especially to those who have suffered from being the child of a Priest or any other person we perceive as an authority figure.

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