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Insight Tarot Deck and Guidebook 

I think you will enjoy this deck if you are a reader who wants to dig into the psychology of tarot.  This deck would be great for doing readings for others and also will serve as a great tool for understanding your dreams. As I  mentioned before, this is a great deck for journaling. Insight Tarot is suitable for beginners as well as advanced readers.  

by Stanislav Reshetnikov

Publisher : Red Feather 

Dimensions : 6 x 2.5 x 8.75 inches

ISBN-10 : 0764360027

Insight Tarot is a boxed set of 79 cards with gilt edges and full color guidebook.  The sturdy box is signature Schiffer style with a magnetic close lid. Although we are mostly in a borderless world this deck has borders – but they are not tacky and they don’t distract from the art.  I would say the way the artsy borders are done might even add to the overall appeal of the images.  The extra card  is called “The White Card”.  The suits are Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Wands. The Court Cards are King, Queen, Knight and Page. The card quality is good and sturdy with no flaking of the gold on the edges. The finish is glossy and they shuffle pretty smoothly. They are slightly larger than standard tarot cards-if there is such a thing anymore.  The Magician card is on the front of the  box and gives you a feel for the art of Stanislav Reshetnikov.  I love it when an artist creates a Magician that is different but still accessible. The symbols are all there but the image is otherworldly.  I started with the guidebook so I could get a feel for  Stanislav Reshetnikov’s vision of tarot. The Insight Tarot is all about the psychology of archetypes and Carl Jung followers will enjoy the information presented in the guidebook.  This is for sure a deck that would be a great companion to a journal.  The pip cards have no people but the court cards are traditional people cards.  The main attraction here is the Major Arcana and seeing tarot through the eyes of Stanislav Reshetnikov who has a wonderful approach to reading tarot for yourself or others.  The book is one of the nicest guide books I’ve seen with full color images. Take the time to read this guidebook because it will help you connect with the card images and the additional White Card.  You will also find 17 steps or points for How To Work With Tarot Cards that provides a great overview of the process with some solid advice for reading the cards.  The card meanings are given for upright and reverse.  There are no spreads in this guidebook.

Let’s talk about the cards…the numerical cards or the pip cards make this deck a cross between the Rider Waite style and Thoth.  I have no experience reading Thoth style cards so this deck provides an opportunity to learn something new. The card images remind me of dream imagery with the Archetypal associations. Hard to put my finger one the exact vibe I get but it definitely feels like a deck you can connect to on a spiritual level. I like the idea of the White Card because it allows for a blank slate.  “The White Card is an Arcanum without a number and a picture. The color white symbolizes concentrated divine energy, before splitting up into a color spectrum.  Appearance of The White Card signifies that a person is forming a new personal universe-and the way he is doing it is under the scrutiny of the supreme forces.  God is getting close to a person, bringing plenty of energy.” The White Card and The Fool are not the same and I look forward to the nuances of this special card as I learn more about reading with this deck. Even looking at this card seems to give a sense of awe or expanse…or some other similar energy.  

Each card description and meaning is similar to what other guidebooks will tell you but, there is more here. When you decide to go for the psychology of tarot things take on a bigger meaning, and when you combine that with the spiritual nature of this deck it all becomes something both familiar and new and intriguing.  The information is advanced in a way that we rarely see in a guidebook that comes with a deck. 

The Devil card image is one of my favorites from Insight Tarot, it provokes an idea of the subconscious that I’ve not seen illustrated so well in a Devil image. The puppet master comes to mind or the shadow from behind the scenes. Who is pulling the strings? What is that symbol on the ring? This image may give you a completely different take on this card than I have but, I think it’s worth studying. 


The Star is an image of a ship surrounded by star material.  Why a ship?  I’m guessing to give the idea of a destination or of your quest.  Immediately I see an image from a dream with the village all tucked in along a large body of water. You are looking into a frame of sorts-another indication that this is the dream state. I’ll have to sit with the idea of the ship for a bit to fully absorb it.

The Chariot has the happiest little chariot driver I’ve ever seen in a card.  The two hands at the bottom of the image are God’s hands giving the chariot driver all the direction he needs. 

The Moon is a powerful image in this deck that captures several aspects that you can intuit just by gazing at the image.  The moon phases are depicted cleverly and I love the idea of the many selves in the mirror. What do we imagine when we look into the mirror and does it come close to what others see?  An interesting look at madness also.

Death is black, gray and white in this deck. I like it! What is old must die so that something new can begin, that is life. 

Truthfully, none of the images of this deck are what I expected to see and that’s a good thing! The darkest of cards are not prettied up like some decks strive for and the lighter cards are a perfect balance of positive and reality.  What I’m trying to say is this is not a deck of fluffy things and candy coated images.  The images are deep and thought provoking. 


My least favorite cards in this deck are the Empress and the Hanged Man and The High Priestess.  And maybe Strength too. All four of these cards are images that I can’t like.  Every image on a tarot deck is subject to our personal tastes.  (We know there’s always a deeper reason for strong reactions to an image.) The Hanged Man depicts Jesus on the cross and it’s not the first time I’ve seen that style of Hanged Man but it remains my least favorite image.  The High Priestess looks too Catholic for me and The Empress card is a matter of my dislike of the picture and nothing more than that.  The Strength card is okay, I get it but, for some reason it doesn’t feel right to me.  Keep in mind I’m speaking of my personal taste and you may love these cards. We all will see something a bit different in each image…









It is unclear to me if Stanislav Reshetnikov created the images for this deck-there is no artist listed anywhere so we’re left to assume he did create the images.  I think you will enjoy this deck if you are a reader who wants to dig into the psychology of tarot.  This deck would be great for doing readings for others and also will serve as a great tool for understanding your dreams. As I  mentioned before, this is a great deck for journaling. Insight Tarot is suitable for beginners as well as advanced readers.  

I’ve posted a few images on Instagram if you want to see more-and also on Attune Magazine’s FB Page.  There is also a short video I did that shows all of the cards. You can find this deck on Schiffer’s website or you can order from our Amazon Affiliate link: Insight Tarot

Reviewer: Mary Nale

About the Author

Stanislav Reshetnikov was born and lives in Moscow, Russia. He’s a graduate of Moscow Medical Academy, and after years working for big-pharma companies, he shifted his focus to psychology and surrounding disciplines, especially the Jungian philosophy. This way led to completion of the Moscow association of analytical psychology (Jungian analysis). Stanislav became a skilled tarologist, psychotherapist, trainer, and leader of several popular thematic seminars and created his own course on Tarot learning, based on years of practical experience and numerous cases.

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