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Review of The Egyptian Lenormand
By Artist Nefer Khepri Author/Artist
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd
ISBN-10: 0764347764
ISBN-13: 978-076434776

The Dedication in the guidebook sent tears streaming down my cheeks…powerful and full of so much love. This touched me, as I know it will touch all who read it. Bless you Nefer Khepri for sharing this wonderful journey with us. This deck is a work of art, a wonder of healing and a blessing to the Lenormand enthusiast.
This set includes: 41 Cards, Guidebook and Storage Box
If you love the Egyptian feel, mood and colors you will go mad for this lovely Lenormand!
A visual treat for the eye with an extra twist…Activation Cards. There is also a very special 10 card pyramid of Isis Spread with an illustrated example in the guidebook. A box of magic! Indeed we are shown how to use these cards in many ways in the book. Each card has a color illustration, keywords, description and Ancient Egyptian Meaning. The playing card correspondence is also listed in the book and on the card front.

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