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Eternal Seeker Oracle: Inspired by the Tarot’s Major Arcana

Publisher : Red Feather

ISBN-10 : 0764361252

My dear friend Pamela Steele has created another deck (child) that is pretty unique in the oracle deck world because it’s based on the Major Arcana of the Steele Wizard Tarot.  I love this idea!  There are 33 cards and a guidebook included in the box set.  The guidebook has room for notes after each card description – this makes it the perfect companion to your journal. In the back of the guidebook has two “Resources” pages that provide a table of Wicca Symbols and a table of Elder Futhark Runes symbols. I’ve seen these symbols used on other decks but RARELY does the deck creator think to include them in the guidebook.  Part of my love for Pamela is that she never assumes that everyone knows every little thing about symbols and archetypes.  There are teachers and there are artists but with Pamela, we get both! Card meanings for upright and reversed  images are included in the guidebook which is another unusual thing for an oracle deck. I like that these can be read just like a tarot deck with upright and reversed card backs too. 

The images are magical portals that have a theme and plenty of symbolism that provides for a great reading. I love the vibrant colors of these cards, the purples are so beautiful! When I flipped through the cards I caught myself saying, “where are the dragons”! Because Pamela Steele and Dragons are forever forged as one in my mind.  And yes! There are dragons! 

The Eternal Seeker Oracle has titles on each of the cards but honestly, you could read this deck without them because the images are well executed ideas on great cardstock.  You can look at card one: The Seeker and see the Fool.  I LOVE this because I don’t feel like I need to learn a whole new system to read with this deck.  And there’s something else I love about the cards: no gilt edges!  I know some people love the bling of those shiny gilt edges but I’ve just never cared for them because they are too “high maintenance” for me. (Yes, it’s a personal choice thing.)

I have so many favorite cards in this deck that I’m just going to have to share them one by one on Instagram. Included in this review I’m showing The Seeker because he sets the tone for our journey.  Soul Fire because it reminds me of Pamela and her BIG fiery spirit.  Number 18 “Chaos” is a great image because it has all the elements of the perfect storm.  All that water crashing and lightning in the sky with just a hint of purple in the bottom edges of the image makes for a powerful image.  The cards are oversized with a glossy finish but not the sticky glossy finish.  They shuffle well and they are oversized. 

This is for sure a deck that I want to get to know better and use as a daily card or energy of the day. This deck resonates with me because I tend to think in terms of the Major Arcana and can never seem to shake that idea as I look for meaning in an oracle deck. Also, there is a perfect balance of card information in the guidebook. This deck is perfect for absolutely everyone and I’m honored to be able to tell you a little bit about it. Everything that Pamela does is very well thought out down to the last detail.  So! Well done Pamela Steele!

This deck was supplied for review by Red Feather MBS

Eternal Seeker Oracle: Inspired by the Tarot’s Major Arcana  

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