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Review: The Witch’s Oracle

By Marla Brooks (Author) and Aunia Kahn (Illustrator)
Schiffer Publishing
Don’t worry if you’re not a witch…you’re still going to like this deck! This is a well put together deck and booklet that offers two illustrated spreads to get you started. I tried the “Witches Broom Spread” out for myself and it was stunningly accurate.
This is one of those decks that anyone can purchase and start using immediately for readings. I also think it would be a great deck to use for a daily card. The images are simple to understand and the booklet tells you all that you need to know to get started. The card backs have a lively design. The cards are not reversible so reverse meanings are not given.
For each of the 44 cards the booklet will show you a color image of the card, an explanation of the image, the card meaning and an incantation that you can recite.

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