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Seeking Spiritual Wisdom for Your Life Issues

Oracle Deck Reviews 

By Melinda Carver

Each one of us is a seeker.  We are searching for something to make us happy, or to inspire us, or to pull us out of a funky mood.  When we are not centered and balanced (which may be quite often), blocks to our intuition may happen. These blocks are not permanent.  They may be shaken loose by grabbing an Oracle deck to sweep away stuck energies. Here are 3 new decks that will assist you as you seek spiritual insights to power through life issues.

Starseed Footsteps Oracle Cards

Raymond Guzman, Author; Alex Bjelica, Artist

$29.00 / Self Published

Published:  September 2019

This adorable new Oracle deck by celebrity psychic Raymond Guzman will assist you in quickly developing your own psychic abilities.  The deck conceptualized by Guzman with artwork by Bjelica, is a very easy to use intuitive tool. It is a great deck for people new to their intuitive gifts and for psychic children.  Experienced readers will like the swift insights provided by each card. Guzman was inspired to create his own deck from his love of working with Tarot and Oracle cards during client sessions.  He did not want to create a deck that was difficult to understand, nor have seekers forced to look up meanings all the time in a guidebook. 

The cards fit nicely in your hand and are easy to shuffle.  Each card is titled and has a black frame. Bjelica’s bold colored art taps into your Inner Child bringing your intuition to a quick realization of the meanings.  The color backgrounds also change (Sky Blue = Emotions/Light, Gray = Create Awareness, Orange = Alert, Purple = 3rd Eye Connections, and Yellow = Life Tools) adding another layer to the subtext.  

Unique cards include “Spiritual Attachment” featuring a ghost holding unto a young man; “Meditation” with a Buddhist monk and smoking incense; “Listen to Your Intuition” with a blue fairy whispering into an ear; and “Witchcraft” with a flying witch, 2 candles and a quarter moon.  The size and styling of this deck is similar to a Lenormand deck. 

Each boxed deck is wrapped in a gold cloth bag (while supplies last).  Guzman chose gold cloth to represent Archangel Metatron and as a gift to those that purchase his new oracle deck.  A booklet is available in PDF format (per request) for those that want to learn how to read oracle cards. 

This cool little deck is fun to read, simple to understand, and provides a fresh perspective when seeking answers about your daily concerns.  

The Starseed Footsteps Oracle Cards are available exclusively on Guzman’s website:


The Power Deck: The Cards of Wisdom

Lynn V. Andrews, Author; Rob Schouten, Artist

$19.99 / ISBN-13: 978-1582706948

Beyond Words Publishing

Published:  January 8, 2019

Internationally acclaimed NY Times bestselling author Lynn V. Andrews’ returns with a newly revised oracle deck featuring the visionary paintings of Rob Schouten!  The 45-card deck is accompanied by a 160-page black and white book.  


Originally published in 1991, Andrews has revamped the wisdom deck with new ceremonies and sacred visioning.  The same artwork Mother Earth and Father Sky remains. Andrews based this deck on the teachings revealed by the Sisterhood of the Shields to her, as well as sacred Buddhist meditations. These teachings urge us to create a connection to the Universe and to see the sacred beauty existing in all of creation.   

The cards are 3 ¾ by 5 ½ inches.  The artwork on the cards are bordered by Red (represents South), Yellow (represents East), White (represents North) and Black (represents West).  On the back of each card you will find the number, title and direction with the full spiritual lesson of the card. You will have to refer to the book for a definition to provide a reading if you are attempting a “life issue” session.  Stand out cards include “Force” which features horses running in the ocean; “Magic” which features Stonehenge and the Moon; and “Unknown” which features a pyramid and a pilgrim.  

The book features card layouts including the Sacred Task Layout (lead you to the task at hand with spiritual guidance), prayers, and a glossary.   This deck is a wonderful tool for self reflection, to move stagnant energy, and to inspire your next steps in life.  

The Power Deck is available at bookstores and Amazon.  To learn more about Lynn, visit her site:


Angel Power Wisdom Cards

Gaye Guthrie, Author; Hiroyuki Satou, Artist

$22.99 / ISBN-13: 978-1572819528

U.S. Games Systems Inc.

Published:  February 1, 2019

Angels have always been a source of inspiration and hope world-wide.  People ask for angelic assistance with prayers, pleas and angel card readings.  This Oracle is a 45-card deck accompanied by a 40-page guidebook. Each card is titled and features a short message from the angel that is featured in Satou’s dreamy artwork.  Satou chose lush colors that feel ethereal – a light feeling when gazing at the art. Unique cards include “Discernment”, “Light of Hope” and “Release”.


Author Guthrie’s purpose is to inspire you to connect to the Angelic realm, so you may believe in yourself and follow your dreams.  Uplifting angel messages on these cards will provide a spark of joy in your daily life.  


The Angel Power Wisdom Cards are available at bookstores and Amazon.


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