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Spiritual Prep for the Holidays

By Rev. Melinda Carver

It’s almost here, the month long holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas.  The holiday season is very stressful for everyone with all of the cleaning, cooking, decorating, shopping and parties.  Everyone reacts differently to this mad rush of celebrating:  some people are jubilant and cheerful, while others are cringing and filled with anxiety.   

People frantically create lists of what they need to do to prepare their home, kitchen and family for the upcoming season.  All of these lists deal with physical things – furniture, décor, food, travel plans, etc.   However, most people do not make a Spiritual List of things to do to prepare them and their homes for the season.  Creating such a list will assist you in finding the calm vibe in the midst of the very hectic holidays.  

Here are suggested activities to begin your spiritual prep for the season:


  1. Smudge, Smudge, Smudge!  Use purifying herbs, woods or flowers to cleanse the energy of your home.  Negativity attracts more negativity.  Start the season with a strong ritual to blast out the old and stale energies.
  2. Ring My Bell!  Ringing bells after purifying instantly raises the positive vibes in your home.   You may use bells made of brass, silver, crystal, ceramic or glass to uplift your home’s sparkling energy.
  3. Scents of the Season! Aromatherapy creates a truly emotional reaction for yourself, your family and your guests.  Whether you diffuse essential oil blends or use scented candles, a soothing scent relaxes everyone and an invigorating scent keeps the action going.  Try using essential oils of Cinnamon, Peppermint, Rosemary or Cedar for a fresh breath of air or a Bayberry candle.


  1. Soak Your Body!  Prepare a warm sea-salt bath with your favorite essential oil to rest and relax your muscles.  You will be able to sleep more soundly afterwards.
  2. Touch My Body!  A therapeutic massage with a licensed professional is a wonderful treat that helps you to let go of your stress and any muscle pain.  Scheduling one or more sessions will be an instant pick-me-up for you.
  3. Meditate Baby!  Listening to an end-of-day meditation before going to sleep will assist you in stopping your brain from going over your lists in your head.  Turning off your brain to calm and center yourself will assist in stress relief and deeper sleep patterns. 


  1. Smile at You!  Look in your mirror while you are getting ready to go out and take a moment to look at yourself and smile at you!  Smiling changes your attitude and is the final accessory before leaving your house.
  2. Merry Meet!   Mingle with others – whether that is just one person (if you’re an introvert) or several people (if you’re an extrovert).  Whether mingling in person or via Zoom, this allows you to participate in the event more fully, providing you a better time.  Have a couple of topics ready to discuss.  
  3. Magic Moments!   Allow yourself to feel the flow of the season, whether you are with your family or friends.  It is a joyous moment to share food, laughter or a great online moment with others.

You can add or detract from the above list based on your personal preferences.  Keep in mind what will make you feel more confident or peaceful through the holiday season.  Take those moments away to feel more vibrant and centered among the stressful busyness of the holidays.  Your Soul will thank you!

Melinda Carver is an award-winning Author of Get Positive Live Positive, a Psychic Medium and Motivational Speaker. She is the President of the Church of Radiant Lights located in Cleveland, OH. 

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