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The Archangel Metatron Self-Mastery Oracle

Publisher: Red Feather

by Amanda Ellis (Author), Jane Delaford Taylor (Illustrator)


I’ve always been drawn to Metatron and the Merkaba so I was hoping this deck would offer an opportunity to work with Metatron’s energy and teachings.  I have a hard time visualizing angelic energy as anything other than light and color-when I see images of angels with wings and decorations  they feel inauthentic to me.  This is how I feel and it may not be how you feel.  The first thing I noticed when I took the cards from the box is that they have gilt edges and they are a bit tricky to get unstuck.  If you’ve read my other reviews you probably know that gilt edges are not my favorite – at least most of the time.  If you have this issue with your deck just be patient and try bending the cards gently at first.  This seemed to loosen them up for me.  Go slow and it should all work out. There are 55 cards and a guidebook in this set.

The card colors are a mix of  soft and vibrant colors that blend nicely with each other.  The images were created as paintings over a two year period. The card stock is thick and glossy.  The card size is not gigantic but they are slightly bigger than a tarot deck.  This deck is a bit New Age. I would call it a Doreen Virtue deck if I saw these cards laying out on a table somewhere.  There’s still great popularity for the “gentle” images and messages that Doreen made so popular before she bailed out on her entire base. I think if you’re looking for a gentle oracle deck with gentle images and you liked Doreen Virtue type decks, this deck is for you.  If nothing else, the information in the guidebook will give you a place to start but, if you’re looking for an “intense” way to connect to Archangel Metatron this might not be for you.  

I should note here that this deck was created by Amanda Ellis. I don’t always agree with the messages that she puts out on YouTube but, I do respect her work.  It’s good to always remember that every message can be interpreted in more than one way. I enjoyed watching her videos until some of the messages got to be too much for my internal resonator to handle. 

The First Shuffle and Draw

I had to chuckle when I did my first reading with this deck.  I followed the advice in the guidebook and asked for Metatron’s guidance-my question was: “what do I need to work on spiritually right now?”  I drew card 22 Archangel Sandalphon and the card face says “With You Now”.  What a response to someone (me) who is so conflicted about angels. There’s information in the guidebook that tells you about the energy of this card. The first thing I noticed was that it’s a master number.  This is a pretty deck that may connect you spiritually with the guidance you may need on your spiritual journey.  The guidebook offers information on each card but, I think you can use it more as a starting point as one thing will lead to another when we are on a spiritual pursuit. 

I recommend this deck to anyone who likes to work with Angel energy-especially those who like a New Age feel to the information.  The artwork is very gentle and calming with a nice mix of soft and vibrant colors.  I think this deck could also be used in addition to other tarot or oracle decks since it works with energies. I like the image of a Phoenix that’s on the inside of the box lid.

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