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The Empathic Oracle Cards
Review by Mary Nale

by Steven P. Wilson (Author) and Michelle Motuzas Johnson (Author)
This is a deck that seemed to slip past my radar and I do believe it deserves to be looked at as an important tool for anyone who feels their way through life as an Empath.

This set comes in a small version of the famous Schiffer box with the magnetic lid  closure. The box contains a guidebook and 56 cards with gilt edges. The borders are navy blue with a gold frame around the artwork. The font is a nice bright white that makes it easy to read. The images are simple and easy to understand-I like this because it gives the hint of the Shaman when you spread out your cards.
The guidebook is a wonderful tool box for the Empath. A lot of care went into this guide and an expanded version of this would be a blessing to those on this path.

In the guidebook you will see a color image of each card and a description. You can use these cards as a way to develop and understand your gifts or you can use it as an Oracle deck and do readings. I like that these cards are easy to handle, they shuffle in that silky smooth way that gives a little whisper as the cards glide over each other. The card stock is thinner than usual for Schiffer but that’s part of what makes these so lovely to handle.

I recommend this deck to everyone who “feels” their way through life. Learning to work with empathic energy can be  an intense spiritual journey. And it will help you to identify energies that you can let go of – the trap of the Empath is not being able to let go of energy that doesn’t belong to you.
You can get your Empathic Oracle at Schiffer of on Amazon 

Publisher: Red Feather

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