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The Faerie Guidance Oracle by Paulina Cassidy – A Review

By Melinda Carver

The Faerie Guidance Oracle
By Paulina Cassidy
Via U.S. Games Systems Inc.
ISBN- 978-0-7387-1968-9
First Published: 2012

Paulina Cassidy is the artist and author of the Paulina Tarot, Joie de Vivre Tarot, The Faerie Guidance Oracle and Witchlings Deck of Spells.

The Faerie Guidance Oracle is a deck and book kit. The 288-page companion book is titled “Faerie Reflections” and features an introduction to the deck by Paulina, as well as a black and white photo of each card with a lengthy description and a “Reflection” of each. The book also features card spreads – the Facet du Jour and the Crisis Spread. The 40-card deck measures 4 ¾” by 2 ¾” and fits neatly within your hands. Each card features the title of the card, the artwork and a brief meaning. The back of each card features a floral sketch.

Each faerie is beautifully drawn and some faeries are featured with flowers, plants or birds. Some of the usual Oracle title cards are within – Change, Healing, Inspiration, Wisdom, but there are also unique cards such as Determination, Euphoria, Rejuvenation and Sanctuary.

What I love about Paulina’s faeries are their beautifully drawn faces and the detailing of their clothing. The coloring of the artwork reflects the title of each card. These faeries provide inner reflections of the issues you are looking for direction on as well as are easy to meditate individually with as well.

The difference between Tarot and Oracle is simply the artist’s work can speak through any theme and offer guidance from your Higher Self or from Spirit. The Faerie Reflections companion book helps you to connect with the Faerie energy and magic within the deck.

I would have preferred that Llewellyn had published the individual artwork in the book in full color to allow for the pure beauty of Paulina’s artwork to shine through. Black and white lessens the impact of the detailing.

Overall, I adore the artwork and enjoy using this deck for meditations or to confirm Faerie messages I receive in my backyard. The Faerie Guidance Oracle is a must have for those that connect to Faerie magic and lore.

Paulina Cassidy’s decks and art are available at stores nationwide, on Amazon and at her website

Melinda Carver is the Official Psychic of the Tarot Guild and the host of Positive Perspectives Radio. She has published articles and interviews in several publications. She is the creator of a magical line of products – Melinda’s Positive Products.

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