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The Illuminati Tarot: Keys of Secret Societies

By Casey DuHamel (Author), Bob Greyvenstein (Illustrator)


The card size is normal-and this is a change from most Schiffer decks that are very large. I find the normal size to be perfect and not so hard to shuffle. (There is a rather distracting border around these cards-even with the companion book pages being cleverly done to look like the card fronts, it is still a distraction.  I know this is a personal taste issue and each of us has our preferences about this.)

Each of the Court Cards depicts a leader or important person of the secret society indicated by the suite. As I mentioned earlier, the one distraction of the companion book is the use of the fancy font.  Better to keep your font simple so all can read it.

The companion book is a treasure of information presented in a logical manner-what I mean is there is no skipping all around to confuse the reader.  What this book did not have was a spread to try or the deck creators idea of how or what best to use this deck for.  I found this unusual but, clearly it is a tarot deck set up in the traditional manner.  The historically accurate court card names have been used and I found this to “fit” the deck well.

The art is digital and I’ve learned over the years that people either like this style of art or they do not.  I like it when it’s well executed and this deck gets a nod from me for the overall card images.  What I mean by “nod”  is I can find some of the symbols I associate with tarot in the images-but, not all.

I think those who love this type or art will adore the images. “Purist” tarot readers may not care for the lack of symbolism. The companion book is a great read and does help with the translation of the cards.  I’m a bit on the fence with this deck.  It was provided for review by Schiffer and I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to study the images and companion book.  Although the style is not something I would love, I can definitely see the attraction.  Perhaps after I work with the deck a bit I will be more comfortable with the images.

Publisher Description

The Illuminati reflects several organizations commonly known as secret societies. Explore via this lavishly illustrated 78-card Tarot deck and unique, comprehensive guidebook the complex tapestry of five historically significant secret societies and the universal thread that weaves itself through all of them: the Tarot. The Priory of Sion (Majors), the Rosicrucians (Cups), the Freemasons (Swords), the Martinists (Coins), and the Golden Dawn (Wands) are all clandestine fraternities that have not only wielded direct influence on Western mysticism but have also exerted global influence, both politically and socially. In this comparative study of fellowships and Tarot, examine the history and imagery relating to each card, in-depth card meanings, and specific keywords that will assist you along your own mysterious path. How will your life connect with the mystifying―at times cloak-and-dagger―world of secret societies?





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