The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups

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Book Review:
The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups

Author: Wendy Stokes and
Copyright: Wendy Stokes
Published by O-Books in paperback and Kindle format
Available from good bookshops worldwide and from Amazon, Goodreads, Abe Books and Ebay.
Reviewed by Brad J Tesh.

The LightWorkers Circle Guide is a book full of in depth and esoteric knowledge. The author, Wendy Stokes, presents us with a book that offers many specific ways to invigorate and organize a Lightworker circle. The book delves into a vast number of fascinating subjects, as Wendy explains in thorough detail how to build an effective circle, manage it and bring the very best out of a group experience. Written in an easy to understand format and with great poise and preciseness, The LightWorkers Circle Guide is a book for beginners as well as advanced Lightworkers. I enjoyed learning the in’s and out’s of how Lightworker circles work, what one can do to make them effective and how to garner the very best out of the experience. Wendy offers us step by step formats to follow to form a safe circle, gain high level information, and showcases how Spirit communication works best. Wendy writes “ The congregation of your members acts as an ashram or nexus to gather Spirit based Energies”. The Book and Chapters are presented as follows:

Chapter 1- Planning Stage
Chapter 2- Culture Setting
Chapter 3- First Sittings
Chapter 4- Establishing Communication
Chapter 5- Gaining Expertise
Chapter 6- Troubleshooting
Chapter 7- Divination
Chapter 8- Interactive Tutorials

Within each chapter Wendy presents sections to that chapter, that are both educational and well structured. In Chapter 1 in the section “Preparations” the author writes “ A Lightworking circle offers a sense of belonging and a warm, cohesive, safe and friendly atmosphere to gain information.” This really is the core concept of this book. What a Lightworker Circle is and how one can explore healing and spiritual transformation within one. I enjoyed how the book is written not only as a guide but also as a teaching mechanism. The author writes “ The aim of Spiritual insight is to maximize the strengths of each person in order to create a powerhouse of dynamic wisdom”. As I was reading this book I found her focus on individuality within circle communication really appealing because it helps you learn as you read and does not just focus on group work exclusively, although that is the main theme.

Wendys focus upon Lightwokers in Chapter 2 is rather enlightening. She explains the differences between lightworkers and Anti- lightworkers here. This was informative to me because Lightworkers often have a great aim and purpose behind their spiritually based work. I particularly enjoyed this line. “Generally a lightworker is any authentic, trustworthy and kind person, as Lightworking is a way of life, not just a belief and we need to show how our beliefs result in actions.” The author makes a valid point, that it is not just enough to think of oneself as lightworker, it is very important to live your belief as well. Time is also discussed in this chapter and great reverence is given to how it is respectful to group members and the Spirit world to value time and keep to set time boundaries, as this helps the circle flow better and opens communication at set times with the Spirit world. Wendy tells readers how to build an altar and efficiently utilize one within a circle. I have always thought altars to be a wonderful way to communicate with Spirit and honor a sacred space, so I was pleased to see this mentioned in the book.

In Chapter 3 – First Sittings we are presented with a solid amount of information about the aura and the chakras, then told how some mediums can see their own aura and the aura of animals as well. Specific information is given here relating to seeing auras and personal experience is presented. I really resonated with the writing about trees and their Auras, as the author writes : “Each tree has its own individual energy field depending on age, health, and environment and a specific aura related to genus”. To me this was a lovely bit of info in this chapter, as I have a strong connection to nature. Wendy writes of the Chakras and how they relate to the human body. A Chakra chart is laid out with great detail and we can see how each chakra relates to a body organ, color, music, gemstone, mantra, quality and herb. This chart really helps explain the chakras and gives a fantastic overview of working with energy.

The author goes on to explain in Chapter 4- Establishing Communication how to open to spirit contact. Sample questions are posed that a person can ask Spirit such as “ What would be the best course of action? “. There is a relaxation induction here that assists one into sinking into a relaxed, comfortable state. This specific exercise helps to rejuvenate the emotions and re-balance the body. I felt it was a good induction and I really could feel myself relax when doing the exercise. Orbs are mentioned in Chapter 5 – Gaining Expertise. This section is really interesting and makes for a good read. Wendy writes “ The Spirits we wish to attract are those that can supervise our spiritual quest with safety, joy and intelligence and success”. This section is full of useful, practical and spiritual information about Spirit guides and Spirit contact within the circle.

The LightWorkers Circle Guide also gives us information about the emotions that arise during spirit contact and circle work. Tears, anxiety, resentment are discussed and ideas and suggestions of how to work with these emotions within the circle are given. One way to is to write a letter to the Angel of Resolution to help with these matters. I thought that was so neat! In chapter 7- Divination there is a heartwarming story presented about Scrying with a crystal Ball and how Spirit communication and healing can take place from such divination tools. This section speaks of Divination tools such as pendulums and how to make various tools, work with them and enhance spiritual contact through them. Lots of insightful information here for anyone who is new to divination work or those whom already have a good amount of expertise.

The LightWorkers Circle Guide closes with Chapter 8 – Interactive Tutorials. There are 10 meditations here that are written with clarity, information and insight. These meditations are great tools in expanding your spirituality and learning how to enter a meditation, have a delightful, educational experience and then ground yourself back to reality. I tried a few of these meditations as reading and was able to do them with ease. They certainly help relax the body, open the spiritual senses and illuminate one’s intuition. Most importantly, they are easy to follow and understand. I learned a lot while reading this book! It is full of esoteric information, practices, suggestions and ideas. It is a “group” centered book and a lot of information is written as exercises for a group setting. However, some methods can be used individually as well. This is a teaching book, one that sets forth constructive, structured information in a easy to understand format. I liked how Wendy added in bits and pieces of her personal experiences and those of other individuals. While The LightWorkers Circle Guide is an educational step by step guide into circle work, and is meant to present itself as a guide to learning, experiencing and growing with doing circle work, there are also personal touches which add a warmness to the technical side of the book. I found this book to be loaded with knowledge, full of great suggestions and ideas and really illuminating. I would say it would be a great book to get if you are wanting to learn about circle work or if you have a spiritual group of your own, for it presents solid information in a conservative fashion that can not only assist you but can enlighten you as well.

Note: Wendy has donated her royalties to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust which helps to protect endangered species from extinction.
We obviously appreciate all you do to publicize the book or the charity.

Reviewed by Brad J Tesh: Author & Freelance Writer.

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