The Star Tarot

The Star Tarot: Your Path to Self-Discovery through Cosmic Symbolism

by Cathy McClelland

Publisher: Red Feather

Star Tarot Publisher Description
As points of light and possibilities in the night skies, stars represent dreams, wishes, and destinies, as well as the soul seeking guidance for the highest good. This beautiful 78-card Tarot deck and guidebook will delve into the lessons, gifts, and pathways presented in your life using the universal cosmic symbolism, uncovering more about yourself, the world, and the universe. Gain a deeper understanding of the stars, as well as the connection to the unfathomable cosmos and the Divine. Learn how the stars and constellations hold the keys to your past, present, and future. Discover the cosmic theme weaving through your cards that will shed illumination on your path, revealing infinite possibilities of personal and collective discoveries: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. Recognize and re-connect to your soul’s purpose, and identify your inherent gifts. Stars are full of miracles and magic―bring the beauty of them into your life and into your heart. Includes cards and book.


The Star Tarot is a big box set from Red Feather Publishing:
Please see our publisher’s page on Attune Magazine:
I opened up this box and the first thing I noticed is these cards have big blue borders. I’m not sure if this was a decision from the artist or the publisher but, people usually cut these borders off…except this one has the card name and the card number printed on the border.
The suits are Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords.
Court Cards are King, Queen, Knight and Princess
The Star Tarot has images that are new and fresh. The Moon Card has most of the traditional symbols plus some new symbols that reflect the theme of the deck. The guidebook offers two pages of information for each Major Arcana card. The images in the book are black and white. The symbols are discussed: gray towers, two wolves, forest, owl, crayfish, New Moon, two ravens, Pices.
There are fresh ideas to be observed throughout the guidebook and I look forward to getting to know this deck better. This is an ideal deck if you’re reading style is on the gentle side, the images are lovely and won’t disturb anyone who’s might be unsure about traditional images.

The Minor Arcana are treated with the same degree of respect in this deck as the Major’s. Each card is beautifully illustrated with layers of meaning. A page and a half of text for each can be found in the book.
These are oversized cards-Schiffer style. My box was damaged but, this was the fault of the post office-seems to have been smashed somehow. I will just glue up the sides that split and that should hold it. I do tend to keep these boxed sets in their original boxes because they are easy to place in a bookshelf and easy to find when needed.

I really like this deck and if you like the more Cosmic themes, you will like it too. This isn’t just a “pretty” deck, all of the symbols are there and the cards are ready for action. As with all of the oversized cards, I place them on the table or the floor and swirl then around. Then I choose the cards that are “speaking to me” or the ones that heat up my hands.

You can see all of Cathy’s work on her website:
*note card images on her website do not have borders.

Review by Mary Nale for #AttuneMagazine

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