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One of the best things I learned from the now fallen Doreen Virtue is the “Cancel, Clear, Delete” idea.  Keeping the negative out of our speech is something that can take time to get right.  It’s worth it…really.  The vibrations of what you say and what you think…

Please listen to this enlightening talk in the video below.  Sound is very important!  I know it’s long…hang in there and listen…


The Power and Influence of Words: What YOU Need to Know! – Steven Halpern

Higher Journeys with Alexis Brooks




Though we’ve all been reminded to be careful about the words we speak or the thoughts we think, most are still unaware of the very real consequences of not taking responsibility for what comes out of our mouths or lives in our minds.

Steven Halpern, accomplished musician and sound scientist lays out a brilliant and well informed explanation about how words can literally effect our body, mind and our overall lifestyle.

I brought Steven in based on an account of someone I personally know who can speak first-hand about how a recent experience in which the words she was contracted to speak, temporarily turned her world upside down.

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