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The WayCard Oracle

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I had forgotten about this deck for quite some time.  I had it all tucked away in a corner where I tend to keep the things I’m not ready to look at for whatever reason.  Sometimes, it’s almost as if I can’t even physically see or make my eyes focus on things I’m not ready to look at or delve into.  This is a running theme in my life and it’s one that is the direct result of many traumas both small and large. I’m constantly amazed at how the mind works to protect us.

The Way is TAO. (TAO is pronounced DOW.) That’s what this oracle is all about.  On the card faces you will see one word with a washed-out image behind the word.  Black text on white cards. These are Keys Stones. These are meant to be used as a sacred tool and should be treated with respect.  There are 33 cards in this deck, 33 is the number of spiritual completion. 

The guidebook that comes with the cards explains how to do a reading and how to set up your sacred area.  Once again, you will begin to feel the true spiritual nature of these cards as you look at the guidebook.  There is a table of correspondences on the guidebook.

Musings by Mary Nale @attunemagazine


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